What if I can’t pay my bill

Electricity bills can come as a shock. Sometimes you don't have the money to pay them. That's higher than I expected. I don't know how I'm going to pay this by the due date. If you think you can't pay your electricity bill on time, don't ignore the problem. Don't miss the due date. Don't wait until you're facing disconnection. Talk to your retailer now. Help is available. I've just received my electricity bill and it's higher than I thought I don't have the money to buy by the due date. I can afford to pay $200 now. Can I pay the rest over time? Be honest about how much you can afford to pay. Don't agree to a payment plan you can't afford. I can afford to pay $50 a week, is that okay? Ask if there is anything you can do to avoid a big bill next time. Are there different ways to pay? Can you pay smaller amounts, more often? Great, let's set that up there any concessions may be entitled to and don't be afraid to ask the question can I get a better deal is there any other help available someone told me about the hardship team thanks very much I feel so much better knowing this is under control.

If you find yourself in this situation talk to your retailer affection providing more information is available at the QCOSS website.