3 Tips to Increase Brain Function Using Blue Green Algae and Spirulina

Alright, in the next 5 minutes, I'm going to show you how to increase brain function and decrease inflammation with my coconut lunar blue green algae smoothie on today's show. At the end of this video, I'm going to be giving away a juicer to one winner who left a comment on the blog below. So enter for a chance to win this week, leave a comment on the blog explaining how juicing and superfoods has radically transformed your life. Every week, we pick one winner. So what is it about the coconut lunar smoothie that has everyone so excited at the FitLife office right now?! We've been doing a lot of research in regards to this particular supplements so that we can give you the best information possible FitLifer, so that you can make the decision to put this nutritious, amazing ingredient in your smoothie. NASA has gone and record saying that blue green algae is the most nutritious food on the planet, it's actually the oldest food. AFA and Spirulina is the combination that creates this amazing stuff. It's also 97% absorbable which is crazy, because most vitamins and supplements that are in your freezer, or there in your cabinets are only 5-25% absorbable.

So, talk about getting your money�s worth. So, you�re probably wondering, what are the ingredients of the coconut lunar smoothie?! Simple and easy, E3 Live Blue Green Algae, I absolutely love this stuff. Also, 2 cups of coconut milk, now you can make your own coconut milk with the smoothie, if you actually tear the meat out of the coconut, and put it in there, but I know if you're like me then it's a little bit quicker and easier to actually get the coconut milk and pour it in as well. We're adding a handful of mint, and then we're adding one tablespoon of E3 Live Blue Green Algae, we're going to blend it all up and we're going to have this creamy delicious coconut lunar blue green algae smoothie. Alright, so first up FitLifer, you want to add 2 cups of coconut milk to the blender, we're going to add the mint, and after that we're going to blend it and once that's blended, we're actually going to add the tablespoon, I like to add about 2 tablespoons of blue green algae, because I'm an extremist but you add that to it, blend it all up. Once again, once you drink this, it's going to increase your energy, vitality, it's also going to boost up your immune system, so if you're that type of person that get sick once or twice a year, maybe even more, this is going to help you bust through those blockages.

So, let's try this recipe. Hmmmm Creamy, delicious, energizing, I like this recipe a lot. Alright, so who won the juicer last week? Rita Olivares, congratulations! The juicer's coming out to you. Your son has been battling cancer for awhile now and you've decided to go more about a healthy way in healing your son and what really touched us at FitLife is he gets excited when he hears the sound of the juicer, and we're excited about that, so we want to send you a brand new Kuvings Juicer, because of your demonstration of what it means to be FitLifer. Congratulations! It's coming out to you. Alright, so if you guys love this recipe, make sure you check out the link below this video, we're going to give you a ten percent, ten percent discount to E3 Live, they're actually generous enough to do that.

This is by far the best blue green algae on the planet, you're going to love it, your kids are going to love it, your whole family. Check it out, add it to your juices, add it to this smoothie. I'm Drew Canole, remember we're in this together, and I'll see you next week. Alright, so who won the juicer last week?!.