Transformers: The Last Knight – Bumblebee’s New Power/Trailer 4 Breakdown

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Today I'll mainly be covering trailer 4 and last week's tv spot entitled Secret Past or Secret History. I mentioned those videos in that specific order because I'm not gonna break them down chronologically based on their release because there's so much to talk about and I feel like I'm gonna be going on a tangent in this particular upload. I've noticed that most shots in this trailer are mainly the same 1's we've gotten from the other trailers, only extended. So I won't talk about them as much as I'm gonna be doing for the newer scenes. So let's just kick things off with the International trailer that we got less than 24 hours ago. This trailer was a good balance of human and Transformers interaction, I honestly think it did a good job of bringing in some new action pieces without completely spoiling the more climactic points that we'll be seeing in the film. That's been something I've been weary about when breakdown the clips because I'm usually evasive when it comes to trailers.

Like I just watch 1 and I'm done but since the demand for these breakdowns are at an all time high and you guys enjoy them so much I have to stick my neck out and actually go in. The 1st 35 seconds of this trailer is basically a mesh of what I've already covered regarding Cogman whom we get a better close up shot of. He's a sociopathic Headmaster transformer who was sent to find Cade Yeager due to him having some kind of link with the Arthurian Knights. A couple of seconds later we see him meet up with Sir Edmond Burton and Vivian Wimbley who are also said to have ties to the Knights and transformers from medieval times. This is pretty much a shorter version of the scene we got a IMAX screening and MTV movie awards with slight touch ups on the editing and CGI of the actual transformers. Now I have to say I'm very impressed with this films visuals compared to the previous installment being TF4.

Even though this film is still in it's post production phase I can tell that visual effects team and ILM AKA Industrial Light & Magic have mastered the lighting and shading. In Age of Extinction the CGI seemed like it took a nosedive compared to the 1st 3 films. Certain shots of the Autobots just looked too cartoony when they were in front of real people and environments. I don't know if it was due to them using newer character models or what. But it looks like they have a tighter grasp and the CGI looks like it flows better. We just need to see more onscreen transformations this time. I mean the film is called transformers. But anyways we get better high definition shot of Hot Rod who's said to be a guardian to Vivian Wembley. 1 thing I'd like to note is his voice.

We know for sure that he'll have a French accent and we've heard a little of it from the MTV movie awards clip but from what I've researched that might not be the official voice. The executive producers have mentioned that they'll still trying to find the ideal voice actor to play the role and my god I hope this is still true. Now I'm kinda over the fact that he'll have a French accent I mean he explains in the IMAX footage that he talks that way because he likes the sound of it. It kinda reminds me Jazz and how he embraced sort of a Hip-hop culture slang simply by browsing through the internet. but the voice we've heard for Hot Rod doesn't really fit him at all. It has too much raspiness to it and it doesn't sound like a young hot headed Autobot. So hopefully they get someone who sounds a bit younger. But moving on we get a better extended scene where Dragonstorm leads Merlin to an old abandoned Cybertronian ship.

I had mentioned that Dragonstorm might be leading him to receive what we call a McGuffen which is basically what the plot of this film may revolve around and that looks to be the case. This time around we may have gotten a better look at Dragonstorm's robot mode as he hands Merlin this mysterious staff. I think we may have already seen his alt mode in trailer 3 since we see him sling Optimus Prime to the ground you see this giant foot try to stomp him. I know for a fact that this has to be his robot form simply because of the red and black color scheme. If you've been following all of the toy leaks closely Dragonstorm was pretty much the only Knight Transformers who had red and black on his action figure. I originally thought that the red was over exaggerated on the toy and be some kind of energy seeping from the crevices of his armor but it looks like the red will be mostly a paint job. Now regarding the mystery artifact I still think it's the Omega Key which possesses the power to open the Omega Lock.

I stand by that speculation and I think the narration given in this trailer may give us some sort of confirmation. If you listen closely you hear Sir Edmond Burton say "To save our future we must unlock the past." Not sure if that saying will hold much weight but when he said unlock the past I feel as if he's eluding to the Omega Lock. But it could be anything for all that matters but I just have a nagging suspicion that's what it is. I noticed in trailer 3 that Vivian was seen wielding the same staff so she may be a descendant of Merlin and possess this mystery power Edmond Burton told her about. She's supposed to be the key that could potentially save or destroy humanity. With that said I'd like to skip forward to this awesome scene where we see Optimus Prime slaying 1 of the Cybertronian knights.

Now I've noticed with all the scenes involving Optimus, he seems to be in that same dark underwater location. I'm not sure if he'll be there for a majority of the film or somewhere near the climax. What I find strange is throughout most of the shots when he has his possessed purple eyes there's always a different texture of metal on his face. Like some moments we see close-ups where his face looks like it's been cyberformed or corrupted and the color has somewhat vanished. This could be an indication of how much power Quintessa is using to control Optimus, like maybe he's still fighting it. But in this scene I think the Knights the have been shown fighting Optimus Prime have lying in slumber and waiting for any imminent threat so that they can protect the mystery relic in question. If you look closely, before Optimus impales the downed knight through his back it looks like he's just gotten finished slaying another 1 earlier. You can tell by the green energon blood gushing upward and if I'm not mistaken the deceased Knight's shoulder pauldron is visible. Next up is another great looking shot of Bumblebee wielding what most of us have assumed to be the Forge of Solus.

Now I mentioned in the last video I did that for strange reason the visual effects team decided to downgrade him back to his Dark of the Moon character model. This version was a robot mode slightly upgraded and retooled with some new combat features thanks in part to the Wrecker's mastery in weapons. With these new upgrades he was granted the ability to slightly disassemble his body parts and use various weapons while in vehicle form, and this method was known as stealth mode. A pretty gimmicky trick that we didn't really see in Age of extinction but it looks like it's back in full force in TF5. As you can see Bumblebee looks like he'll be utilizing this method again to combat his arch rival Barracade in a high speed chase. I've seen this scene in some of the previous trailers but I wasn't sure if was exactly what I thought it would be but I guess it's safe to confirm that stealth evasion mode is back. Before I move on I would also like to point out that even though this is just a retooled version of TF3 Bumblebee it looks like the design team did give him a minor face lift.

Literally. If you look at his battle mask it slides on differently compared to all the earlier versions and the eye sockets seem to be covered in lenses this time around. Moving on I would like you to take a look at the Autobot who I hope has the least dialogue, Hound. A pretty insignificant Ironhide wannabe who looks like they'll be doubling as a Wrecker and medic. We've seen this shot in a couple of trailers already but is it me or does the first aid symbols on his body seem to be recolored of some sort? I remember in some of the earlier scenes the symbols were the traditional red and white. They were even that way in the earlier reveal posters and toys. But for whatever reason the post production team have decided to make the symbols Black and white. As if that's gonna make him look less idiotic or annoying In the next shot we see a better image of the mystery fortress or Omega Lock. In 1 of my videos I mentioned that we may have gotten a full view of what it looks like in it's entirety based on 1 of the promotional posters. And this scene pretty much confirms that statement.

It looks like some weird looking spike that was driven into the Earth's core. If I recall correctly some of you even mentioned that it sort of reminds you of the Quintesson ship Hot Rod & Cup used in the original 86 film. I think it could be a good callback to that film, I mean there have been various callbacks where certain action sequences were reused in a more realistic approach and Optimus did die in TF2. What I found interesting about Age of Extinction is how it followed a similar trend that the animated movie did. If you noticed when we got our new second generation of Transformers in TF4 they were more proportioned and humanoid looking compared to their earlier versions. This was literally the exact same instance with the original film where the newly introduced robots were proportioned instead of having the box shaped body parts the 1st wave of transformers had. I find it ironic that Galvatron was involved in this cosmetic upgrade twice since he was originally a second wave transformer in G1 and a second wave transformer in Age of Extinction.

And now we're getting Hot Rod. But to get back on subject we have this beautiful shot of the Quintesson Empress, Quintessa. Whom I'm assuming will be like the birth mother of the transformers. Now I know that this is re-imagining of a character or a planet being turned into a character but I was assuming that her overall look what be a little different. I mean the Quintessons sort of have this techno-organic look, like we've seen from some of the earlier iterations and movies but it looks like she'll mostly be made of some kind of metalic alloy. But I'm not saying this is a bad thing because it looks freaking awesome nonetheless and it looks like she's gonna demand every scene she's in. Moving on I'd like to talk about this rather peculiar shot of Optimus Prime fighting the Infernocons. A little bit of the same scene we got from trailer 3 but a little different.

Last time I mentioned that we only saw 1 of the Infernocon characters who just so happened to be in the form of multiple copies. But in this particular scene we seem to have all the different Infernocons and I think it's safe to assume that they're all combined to make up Infernocus in this particular fight sequence. It's a brief shot so if you blink you might miss it. But shortly before we see Optimus deliver an aerial slash to the Infernocons, you can clearly see that he's Infernocus on his knees. It's pretty easy to tell by the size and proportion of the character because in 1 shot the multiple Infernocons look relatively short compared to Prime and their head sizes look pretty normal. But in this shot the head and horns look bigger and the arms look similar to the 1's seen on the leaked toy figure we got a while back.

Now I gonna guess that they're somehow indestructible and can remold their bodies into various shapes to adapt. Because their forms don't look like they're made from your standard Cybertronian metal. I feel like the more Optimus slashes them down the more they'll sort of shape shift and alter their forms. Next up we have what looks to be an epic battle between Megatron, Hound, and Hot Rod in the mysterious underwater lair. It looks like our favorite unlikable Autobot will bite the bullet he uses as a personal cigar folks. But in all seriousness I hope no Autobot casualties happen in this film. Megatron seems to be doing some major damage with his battle ax in this sequence. Seeing him and Hot Rod in this room automatically puts me in the mind of the scene we got back in the animated film where Hot Rod and Galvatron had their little dual. Maybe we'll see a little one on one battle between Hot Rod and Megatron, I got my fingers crossed.

For our next sequence we have a pretty brief but brutal shot of Grimlock totally wrecking Barricade with a gnarly tail whip attack that would even have Greymon a little salty. I think this is the 1st onscreen action we've seen from Barricade in his robot mode and I cannot stress enough how much I love his new design compared to his weird insect like look we've had in TF1 & 3. He looks like a bruiser who's out for vengeance. The last and final scene I wanna talk about is regards to Bumblebee. This instance was a big eyebrow raiser and most viewers were calling it a flatout spoiler that will somewhat reduce some of the hype regarding his brutal battle with Optimus Prime. And that's simply because Bumblebee has somehow found a way to reassemble himself.

After all the trailers we've gotten there's been this looming feeling that Bumblebee could possibly die in his battle with Optimus Prime. Now I have to say this because some of you refuse to listen clearly. I'm not saying that Bee will die. As a matter of fact I don't think he'll die in the slightest. I just bring it up because it's the main topic of conversation and it's the main thing we've being seeing throughout all the promotions. But anyways the big question is if he possesses this ability, exactly how does this raise the stakes of his fight with Optimus? For all we know he can perform this technique as soon as Optimus Prime tries to stab him. But I'm not too bombed about this instance, I'm guessing it's a little maneuver he learned over the years hanging with Cade. And if I'm gonna be realistic a transformer's major vitals are mainly their spark, so as long as that's in tact I think it's all good.

I know some viewers have been mentioning that this method could have something to do with the Forge of Solus since it wields the power to restore things back to normal and build new weaponry. And I have to be honest that's a good speculation. If you look at the hammer closely it does look like something that came from Bee or his new special melee weapon of choice. Maybe it was initially a part of him and enabled him to reassemble himself in some kinda way. But then again if that's the case he would've learned how to fix his vocal processors by now. Anyways that's all I have to talk about regarding the new international trailer. Now I've been totally optimistic on what the new writer's room have been doing with this expanded universe. I love how they're trying to take all of the previous elements that Michael Bay overlooked in the sequels and making sure that certain things don't totally contradict what have been established in the earlier films All of that is perfectly fine and dandy.

I gotta be real with you guys, I'm sort of disappointed that certain things that have already been fleshed out in the prequel comics have now been glossed over. Yeah 1 could argue that the continuity was still screwed beyond belief because of the films but certain things went on to inspire different spin-offs of Transformer lore. Like how Megatron originally damaged Bee's voice box during the Cybertron Wars. That was later utilized in the War for Cybertron game and other aligned continuities like the TF Prime series. I hope they're not trying to pass the Cybertronian Knights off as the 1st transformer inhabitants of Earth because it's blatantly obvious that it wasn't. It's already been established in TF2 that the Primes were the 1st to step foot on the planet and actually come in contact with the 1st form of human inhabitants. Some things just shouldn't be tampered with. But I guess it's for the best if we're getting a more coherent expanded universe.

Some things just have to be sacrificed because no sacrifice means no victory right? Speaking of sacrifices and victories I love how they've managed to expand upon the Witwicky family lineage. I mean granted it doesn't explain what a robot sporting modern day Lamborghini parts is doing walking around during those times, but hey. And I'm really interested in seeing what they do with Bumblebee's new origin leading up to his next film. Will this set things up? We'll just have to wait and see. But anyways I wanna hear your thoughts in the comment section down below on the recent trailers. Do you like em or do you hate em. I honestly feel like this is a soft reboot we needed in order to go further with future films.

As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn't have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content. And if you wanna stay informed on the latest TF5 news or if you like hearing about Transformers in general, subscribe. But anyways this is RBG signing out on another video. I'll catch you guys later. Peace out. (Loud Music) Do you want to go back? Back to the heart of the war?! (Mechanical Sound Effects).