Transformers The Last Knight – Cast Robots (2017 Update) Official

What's up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome to another Transformers The Last Knight update video. I kept you waiting long enough right? I gotta apologize for that but you guys know how I am when it comes to these type of videos. I try to make sure I conjure up as much info as possible and squeeze it into these lengthy videos for you guys. Now I know we got an onslaught of news over the past week regarding the leaked toy images, trailers, and tv spots but I didn't think it was enough to make a video on it but the 2nd official trailer we got was enough for me to get up off my ass and make a new video. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make this video about since there's so much to talk about but I came up with the decision of doing a roster update since we got a slew of characters in the form of toys and onscreen appearances in the various trailers.

Most of these i mentioned in my previous robot cast videos but some didn't have any visuals or scans to give us a general idea of what they look like. But I think it's safe to say that we have more than enough to get us even more hyped for the TF5 roster. With that said let's go ahead and get the obvious characters out the way. Since you guys have been bugging me to state the obvious in all of my recent videos I feel it's time for me to mention the Dinobots & Mini-Dinobots. I mentioned them in my 1st Robot cast video pertaining to TF5 but some of you guys probably haven't seen that particular video so I'll mention them again now that we have actual visuals to go along with the info we received last year. We had gotten word that the Dinobot leader/Knight crusader would be back in The Last Knight with a more significant role this time around.

For those who remember the events of the previous film the Dinobots just so happened to be the biggest draw of Age of Extinction. But judging from what we saw there was really nothing major added to the characters but a over hyped brief cameo. I mean yeah they were featured in some good action sequences but that's pretty much it. They didn't have much personality that old school fans were familiar with. I guess you can say he exuded some of his stubborn traits since he pretty much challenged Optimus in a test of strength to prove himself worthy of leading the Dinobot knights. But who knows. What we do know is that Michael Bay and the Executive producer of the Last Knight have acknowledged the fans complaints about Grimlock and decided to give the character more personality. In an interview we got back in December via they mentioned this about Grimlock: "He has a personality this time, for sure. A little more personality, that’s for sure.

" "He’s funny. He’s like a naughty dog in this movie." "He’s really sheepish when he does something wrong." "He’s a great character. He’s really–we’re bringing out a side of him that you’re going to like–you’re going to relate to." That info seemed to be exactly what we got in the 2nd trailer that was released in theaters alongside Beauty & the Beast. As you can see he's acting just as the producer said, a naughty dog. We spot him in a funny scene with human protagonist Cade Juager doing something he shouldn't which includes eating scrapped vehicles. From there Cade gives him a pep talk and tells him to go back to his hole and think about what he's done. So it looks like Grimlock will be utilized more as a comical aspect of the film which will mirror somewhat of his old Generation 1 persona. Immensely powerful, but thick at the same time.

I think this is the Grimlock fans have been asking to see since the 2nd live-action film. I'm guessing that he'll be a character who has to adapt to living on earth since he and fellow dinobots were stowed away on Lockdown's ship for so long and they seemed to have a barbaric nature about them. So I guess it makes sense for him to have this new puppy like personality. I just hope they give him some form of dialogue to further flesh out his character. Moving on I would like you to take a look at the newly introduced mini-dinobots. We'd had gotten an announcement back in June of 2016 that the mino-dinobots would be making they're onscreen debut in TF5. Fans including myself didn't really know what to make of this news. Would they be like the dinosaur version of a minicon? Or would they be like a smaller version of the original full size dinobots.

Later in December, Michael Bay confirmed that there would indeed be tiny, T. Rex Transformers appearing in the movie. And that they're just learning to spit fire, with Grimlock taking on a mentor role. So I assumed that we would be seeing more cute versions of Grimlock in miniture form. I wasn't too sure what they would look like and what their purpose would be like in The Last knight but during the Super Bowl we got a glimpse of what these little guys will look like and what their personality traits consist of. In an exclusive Super Bowl eye catcher called "the Mini-Dinobot Pre-Bowl" we got to see 3 mini-dinobots who's skills and personality were described by tv host and Celebrity Apprentice winner Matt Iseman. Now in all honesty I didn't know if I should take this particular tv spot seriously due to the simple fact that their cartoony aesthetic didn't fit with the Bay film's highly detailed Transformer design. Not to mention the Autobot dog tag on Mini Slug makes him look like cheap plushy toy.

But to my surprise the cg models in that particular video were in fact the same 1's we would see in the second official trailer. You can spot Mini Strafe, Mini Slug, and Mini Grimlock all cuddled up next to Isabela Moner's character Izzy which looks to be the same place we see the original full size Grimlock later in the trailer which is a junkyard. Officials confirmed that the Autobots, would now be settled in the Badlands of South Dakota, which will serve as a rogue Transformers hiding ground from the human military faction known as the Transformers Reaction Force or TRF who'll be hunting down the remaining Autobots. I'm not sure what purpose these mini-dinobots will serve other comedic elements but I really hope Michael Bay and the new room of writers at least explain how these little guys came to be and what exactly happened to the other preexisting Dinobot knights.

I have a nagging suspicion that they cut back on the other bigger dinobots to preserve some of the budget money because this film seems to be packing a lot of CG and having all the dinobots in would probably warrant more than a 260 million dollar budget. Next up we have the mysterious 3 headed dragon transformer who was confirmed as the Legendary Autobot Knight, Dragonstorm. That's right I said Autobot Knight. Now a lot of viewers jumped down my throat because I didn't automatically assume that the Dragon Knight was the Predacon leader, Predaking. As I've told you time and time again I don't believe in spreading false information in this community and I'm not gonna talk about something unless I have intel at my fingertips. Some of you even called me an idiot for not assuming that it was Megatron's alt mode.

Which wouldn't make any sense because Megatron landed on Earth around the early 1800's and went into stasis lock after he got frozen in the Artic Circle. I mean I love you guys but some of you can go a little overboard with your assumptions. But anyways you had every right to believe those assumptions because almost every iteration of a 3 headed dragon we've seen in other TF Mythos either pertained to the Predaking or Megatron in some capacity. But this particular version is none of thee above. He's not even evil as a lot of fans even myself perceived him to be based off the various promotions we got for TF5. If my recollections serve me correctly he was featured alongside Optimus in the 1st poster we saw last August on a billboard in Time Square. This was right around the time fans didn't know what direction the film would go in. But if you were to judge the poster's visuals 1 would automatically assume that the menacing 3 headed dragon would be the main villain. But based on some of the leaked images we got regarding the toys it turned out to be the exact opposite.

Thanks to the awesome twitter page TFW2005 we found out that the character's official name is Dragonstorm. This info came in the form of a new toy called the Mega 1-step turbo changer. On the back of the package it reads as so: "As colossal powers threaten the universe, an even greater force protecting freedom soars through the sky. The mighty Dragonstorm." When I read his backstory two particular words immediately stuck out and that was "protecting freeding" When you here those words they don't really scream Decepticon or Predaking. Another hint that ensured us that this was a good guy was the Autobot insignia on found on his chest in his robot mode. So yeah this came as a bit of a surprise. Especially looking at the character's color scheme. I mean we've seen Autobots sport dark colors in previous films such as Iron Hide and apparently the recently released Hot Rod along with Drift will be sporting red and black color schemes. But Dragonstorms colors and overall build makes him look like a Decepticon, but from what I've read on his turbo change figure it's not so much of a red color on his armor as it's really energy seeping from the crevices of his body.

Apparently when he breathes fire cyberglyphic symbols will appear on his armor so I know that's gonna look sick as hell on screen. What his purpose will be in this film is anyone's guess. I have a nagging the suspicion that the Transformer that's said to give Merlin an artifact the wields the power of magic may in fact be Dragonstorm. But that's just my speculation. Since we're on the topic of dragons the next Autobot we have is Steelbane who's rumored to be the 1st knight. Not sure how true that is but what we do know for sure is that his beast mode will be wyvern. These were hybrid creatures withs with a dragon's head and wings, and a reptilian body with two legs. It's also worth mentioning that the Wyvern was the symbol of the medieval kingdom of Wessex. So it's cool that the writers are eluding the fact that beast transformer was possibly the inspiration behind that mythological creature and it's ties to the United Kingdom.

The only intel we have on Steelbane right now is that he's an autobot. But there seems to be a bit of confusion on if we actually saw him in the second theatrical trailer or not. Many of the fans and a couple insiders assumed that we caught a quick glimpse of Steelbane punching Optimus in what seems to be the same scene we saw him fighting with Bumblebee. It's a pretty good assumption but upon further toy leaks I've come to the conclusion that none of the multiple Cybertronian Knights seen surrounding Optimus are Steelbane. I think it's Skullitron or Skullitron knights The reason I think this is because the color of the knights seen in this trailer don't match the color seen on Steelbane's figure. Of coarse 1 could argue that the action figures do the actual onscreen characters no justice but if you look at the Skullitron figure it looks a lot like the the multiple knights we see in the trailer. Who's controlling them is anyone's guess. Some people assumed they were the combiners that were leaked which will be the next character/characters I'm gonna be briefly talking about. On March 15th TFW2005 user "Unicron the Chaos Bringer" shared some spoilerish info regarding a legion class combiner known as Infernocus.

It seems to be a retool/repaint of the previously released Legion Combiner Abominus set from Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. They're known as the Infernocons. The set is made up from five characters named Rupture, Skulk, Infernocon Thrash, Glug, and Gorge. They all combine to form the menacing Infernocus. Now what I find funny about this particular figure is the fact that not only is it a reused mold of a pre-existing figure but the preexisting figure is nothing more than a recolor of the original Japanese Takara figure Goraedora. It took me a while to recognize it but this particular combiner actually made it's onscreen appearance in the Transformers Go Samurai series. For those of you who're unfamiliar Transformers Go, it was an anime series and toy line exclusive to Japan. It's suppose to be a follow-up to the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series but since the show was already in development way before TF Prime ended there are a lot of continuity errors and I don't recommend it to any fans.

But anyways you can spot the Predacon combiner Goraedora in Transformers Go Samurai Episode 1 entitled "Triple Combination! Swordbot." A pretty cool combiner but nothing to write home about. But nonetheless as you can see these were the original colors of the retooled Abominus figure and I can honestly say I prefer the original colors of Goraedora over the Abominus 1. Not much is known about the character Infernocus or the exact role he will take in Transformers: The Last Knight, but based on the image I'm assuming that he is going to be some sort of guardian to Quintessa as she is everything but confirmed to be involved with the creators of the Transformers. As you can see the character Quintessa is featured on the boss art as well and I'm guessing she'll be included in the package brings me to the next character on our roster, Quintessa herself.

In 1 of my earlier videos regarding the extended Super Bowl TV spot I did an analysis video speculating on who the mysterious Maker could be. The commercial featured an ominous female voice who seemed to have control over Optimus Prime. My theory was that she could possibly be Solus Prime since there were plenty of clues that backed it up. We saw Bumblebee wielding what looked to be the Forge of Solus Prime and since she goes by the alias the "The Maker" I speculated that it might be her. Of coarse there were insiders saying that the Maker was in fact Quintessa. A bunch of sites including imdb stated that the mysterious female voice featured in the Super TV spot was credited as Gemma Chan and she would be playing the role of Quintessa.

Now when it comes to websites like imdb their news is correct about 85 percent of the time with most credits being rumored and limited place holders. So I didn't wanna take their word just yet. Especially considering the fact that Quintessa was never an actual character in the original TF mythology, it was actually the home planet of the Transformers creators better known as the Quintessons. But it looks like the new writers wanted to do something new and actually make Quintessa a character that will play a pivotal role and will be the leading cause to Optimus Prime's heel turn. You can hear her asking Optimus if he seeks redemption for the sake of his dying planet, and Optimus's eyes and demeanor change shortly afterwards as if she gains some sort of control over him. Coming in next on our list is the Headmaster Cogman. Back in June of last year we had gotten word that news that TF5 would feature a Transformer with an English accent named Cogman, whose alt-mode is an Astin Martin.

And in various articles including wikipedia we got more info further detailing that he would be a polite sociopathic Headmaster. And I have to admit I was surprised at the fact the Michael Bay and the new group of writers would be using a Headmaster at all. I mean we had gotten word that they would be utilizing everything from the TF mythos, comics, toys etc. but Headmasters was a huge stretch that I didn't expect seeing. Essentially the Headmasters was the Japanese canon continuation of the original 1984 G1 series. I believe it was actually the 1st Japanese-exclusive Transformers franchise and the second project animated by TOE Animation since the 1st film. But anyways the Headmasters were Autobots who migrated to the planet Master and would adapt their own way of Transforming. They were these little human sized robots that could transform themselves into a head and latch it onto a lifeless robot body known as a "Transector." Hence the name Headmaster.

It's a pretty off the wall concept but once you get into the series it grows on you. If you pay close attention you can spot Cogman in the latest theatrical trailer. We see him for a brief moment looking shocked as Cade Yaegar is knocked out of a build by some inanimate object or projectile of some sort. I'm thinking that he'll be more like Michael Bay's version of C3PO except a lot more crazier. I mean just look at this motion capture poster we got, he looks like a robot who's seen better days. I'm not quite sure if he'll be a faithful callback to the original headmaster style of transforming. It's easier said than done to animate a human sized robot transform into an actual head. But that was 1 of Michael Bay's biggest complaint about the original G1 series, the robots didn't fully transform as much as they would simply morph or disappear into a vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles I would like you to take a closer look at the set photos of Cogman's alt vehicle mode. Because this is something that instantly made me raise my eyebrow. If you at the license plate it reads "KSI6 WVD." Now that may not stand out to some of you guys but it does raise a suspicion I have and that is the 1st 3 letters on the plate being KSI. For those who remember KSI or the Kinetic Solutions Incorporated was 1 of the main enemies that harvested dead transformers to create their own. This could be me just reaching but I'm thinking that Cogman may be a bi-product of 1 of KSI's inventions gone wrong. I dunno if that makes him an Autobot or Decepticon but this could explain why he's a sociopath. Maybe he was a test subject gone wrong. Who knows, I just hope I can tolerate this character because I have a nagging suspicion that he's gonna be there mostly for comedic purposes.

Next in line we have the Decepticon scrap drone turned Autobot, Wheelie. I had already reported that he'd be in the film in my 1st roster video I did last year but we didn't have any visuals or leaked action figures for him. But hey I wasn't really looking for the character since I've hated him in most of the films. I almost hate him as much as this guy! Seriously screw this guy. If you pay close attention to the second official trailer you can spot him standing ontop of an old car next to Sqweaks. Even though I don't like Wheelie I'd say I prefer him over his miniature buddy Brains. Moving on I'd like to talk about Hot Rod. I've had a couple of choice words to say about Hot Rod mostly good with a couple of gripes. I actually love that he has two different vehicles 1 being the 2017 Lamborghini and the old classic Citroen DS that'll most likely be his evasion mode.

But my main gripes were the overall look, the writer's decision to make him French, But my main gripes were the overall look, writer's decision to make him French, I was mad salty about these decisions but I have since come to accept it. For awhile he had been kept in the dark in terms of being in motion on a trailer but since we've recently received the motion posters for some of the characters including him I can honestly say I'm satisfied with him. Yeah I'd rather him have the signature flames and whatnot but I'm digging how he moves in motion. He's kinda like a sleeker, taller version of Bumblebee. And I know a lot of viewers mentioned that his style ressembles that of Jazz with him performing some form of copoera but I don't necessarily agree.

If you go back to TF4 Age of Extinction you can see Bumblebee performing a similar move on Lockdown during his fight with Optimus. So I think this just ensures us that since Hot Rod is suppose to be Bumblebee's brother in arms, he'll probably share similar combat moves just with a slightly different style. As to what his purpose is in the film is still a mystery. Since his reveal many fans have assumed history will repeat itself and Hot Rod will take the Matrix of Leadership and become the new Prime similar to the original animated film. But we'll just have to wait and see. Next up is Barricade. I think everyone can agree with me when I say that Barricade is to Bumblebee, what Megatron is to Optimus. He's 1 of the original 1st wave Transformers that keeps coming back for some reason. I guess you can say they brought him back to rival Bumblebee in a rematch since he got his ass handed to him in the 1st film.

So far we haven't seen him in action in his robot mode, only in a couple of scenes in his vehicle mode which is a 2016 Mustang Police Car. But we did get a chance to see him in motion and I have to say he looks more bad ass than he's ever looked before. He has that proportioned design that I love and he doesn't look all insectoid like he did in his 1st version. That was the biggest issue I had with him in the 1st film, when he and Bee had their little tussle I could not tell what was going on due to all the weird pointy parts. Hopefully we'll get to see that rematch between the two now that their new looks are more pleasing to the eyes. As you can see he's still ready to punish and enslave any human he can. The set of robots I wanna talk about are the new Decepticons. Those being Onslaught, Hooligan, Mohawk, and Nitro. I would talk about Megatron but I think I've said all I could about him, he looks the sickest hands down. But anyways the newly introduced Decepticons we've gotten have been some of the main topics of conversation because there were no addition photos of them other than all their vehicle alt modes.

If I'm not mistaken we only got info regarding Megatron and Barricade. But thanks to the 2nd official trailer and a couple of toy leaks we finally have a good idea of what they'll look like. It was pretty easy to distinguish each of them individually due to process of elimination and what little info we do have. In this scene we see Megatron and his new Decepticon henchmen running wild on the streets of South Dakota. Starting from the right it looks like we have Onslaught. You can tell it's him by the green color scheme and the multiple wheels going along his body and his alt mode is a Western Star tow truck. Now I find something interesting about this transformer. He resembles nothing of his G1 version but yet he's a remold recolor of a character model used in Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. And the particular transformer I'm talking about is the Decepticon Long Haul. He wasn't really that proactive in TF2, I mean he was 1 of the Decepticons that aided in freeing Megatron from the Laurentian Abyss and we see him a couple of times in the Operation Firestorm battle in Egypt. But that's pretty much it.

What's funny is that Long Hauls vehicle mode higly resembled Onslaught's G1 vehicle alt mode which was a flatbed missile truck. So yeah, I was wondering why Bay and the producers went with the heavy duty western star tow truck but now I see why. And that's to avoid reusing the same exact character model. They've did it in previous films with characters like Blackout, who had a MH-53 Heavy Lift Helicopter alt mode. That same character model was used for Grindor in Revenge of the Fallen with a different code of paint, and the helicopter alt mode was a CH-53E Super Stallion. So as you can see we're gonna be getting a lot of remolds and reused character models. Speaking of remolds I'd like to move on to the next new edition to the Decepticon faction, Nitro. He can be seen on Megatron's right. If I didn't no any better I'd say he looks like a remold of Shockwave with a different vehicle armor.

I don't have a problem with remolds but I think this is the 3rd time we've seen a Shockwave type transformer If you remember back in Age of Extinction we got a custom KSI 2 headed drone who looked a lot like Shockwave. I believe there were actually 2. Many assumed that KSI got ahold of Shockwave's remains after the Chicago incident and used his design as their inspiration but I think it was just an easy way to reuse a model and save money. I've noticed that concept art designs that didn't make the cut in previous films are later utilized in the newer installments and slightly modified. There's still no detail on what Nitro's alt mode will be but if I find out something I'll let you guys know. Last but not least we have Mohawk and Hooligan.

Right off the bat you can tell that the smaller Decepticon hanging off the telephone line has to be Mohawk. Simply because he has a mohawk, and Michael Bay has a fetish for Transformers with hair for some strange reason. But anyways his size tells all because his alt mode will be a Confederate Motorcycle. They look pretty sturdy and full of power so I think Mohawk will pack a big punch for his small size. The last Transformer is Hooligan, who is obviously the Decepticon having the time of his life on top of the building to your far left. His vehicle mode will be a Volkswagen Type 2 transporter or micro bus camper. I don't know what Hooligan and Mohawk will be up to besides causing chaos but I hope they present something unique to their designs. I have a feeling the two are gonna be like partners in crime. Like it'd be cool if the film does a callback to the old animated film and have Hooligan ride Mohawk while he's in his motorcycle form similar to how the Junkions did. But that's just me.

Anyways that's all the news I have for you today regarding the current Robot cast in Transformers the Last Knight. Sorry if I kept you waiting so long for the video but more info kept poring out and I like to go out with a bang when it comes to informing you guys. Let me know what your comments are. Do you think the roster of robots looks promising? Do you think Bay needs to stop reusing models and remolds and build Transformers from the ground up? Let me know. Also I'd appreciate if you give a Like or Dislike on the video. It doesn't matter if it's a thumbs up it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feed back an will on help me improve on future content. As always I just wanna say thanks for all you guys's support and demand for more videos. I'm working as hard as possible to give you guys the best engaging content that brings the community together and ramp up the hype for all things Transformers.

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