About Ecotech Institute: College for Renewable Energy and Management

We need to look forward to the next century, to the next generation, and we need to build an infrastructure for a renewable energy economy while we still have the energy to do it. If we don't have qualified skilled technicians and employees who have studied these principles, we're going to be in a talent vacuum when it comes time to really implement, so we need manpower out there for us to support those energy industries which are going to be critical to us as we move forward. We're the only school in the country — in the world — that I know of that is solely focused on degrees that are tied into the renewable energy sector. We are the leader in producing technicians and folks into the field for renewable and sustainability. This school has a very unique mission to propel us into the next century for energy.

We always start at what the need is out in the field and how can we fill that need? We are continually expanding the network of organizations and companies that we partner with. That's how we build our programs. That's how we keep our programs current. The school is dedicated just to renewable and sustainable, and we devote all our resources just to that. This is the best lab equipment I've worked with. We've got great facilities. We've gotten great equipment. We hire great faculty and that's what makes it a great program. The appeal is the two-year degree. You're just getting the job training you need to prepare yourself for the workforce. Fast track to a new career. The Ecotech Institute degree is the most advanced energy degree out there.

I've got students that are straight out of high school, and I have somebody that's 57 years old. Doesn't matter what your background is; you would fit right in at Ecotech. The sky is pretty much the limit. We give them the educational tools they need we give him the connections and the hands-on experience with other organizations. They take that run with it to the best of their abilities. There's so many companies that need an educated workforce with a very specific skill set in the renewable energy sector. These students share that passion for that mission of going out and trying to make a greener world and a better place for us. That passion coupled with their love of hands-on — there's a lot of energy in this school. It lifts me up every day to watch students come in here, and that light bulb turns on when they get something.

That's why this is one of the best places on the planet to be, in my opinion..