How the humble #battery could change the world

The thing about batteries is this…. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and they power our life. We drop them into our devices and take them for granted but imagine a world without batteries. No phones, no cameras, no people in space. It would be a very different place. They provide electricity to so many things that make our lives easier and safer. They are truly amazing They are also far from perfect. They take hours to charge and with modern devices like laptops and smartphones it's astonishing just how quickly we can burn through a fully charged battery. Advertised battery life is never as stated. But by the time you've charged it a few times it's a best-of half of that. Batteries are particularly important in cameras & photography. You've got everything set up you're ready to shoot and then It's moving.

…….it's alive…….it's alive…….it's alive!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! The frustration is incredible and if you're caught without spare battery the device will cease to function. When your livelihood or even your life depends on these devices, matters can become serious very very quickly Batteries have the potential to change the world if their capacity can be increased and their charge time, and cost, reduced. Renewable energies like wind and solar become a much more realistic and viable form of energy if we have the capacity to store it and feed it back into the grid when t's cloudy and when kites won't fly. discoveries like Graphene could potentially be used to get us to this point. [It's a wonder material if you like, in the sense of its got super properties but really is the applications that sell it how can we use this material to change the world we live in.

] A number of companies are already conducting research in this area but more needs to be done the charge is being led by none other than Bill Gates. It's new technologies that will eventually solve our climate change problem but it's likely that the humble battery will play a starring role. If the frustrations of one photographer are solved in the process then Ahhhhhhhhh.