Eddsworld – Zombeh Attack (2005)

Oh no! We hit that person! Big bloody deal. That person busted our car! We'll have to get a repair kit from the garage. Maybe there's one in that town over there… Huh… I wonder why all the graves are empty? Who cares? Hey, there's someone. I'll ask him for directions. Excuse me but do you know where th- AAAAH!!! Oh my GOD he bit of his arm! Run away! I think… We lost… Them… Oh my god, they're getting closer! Run away again! We should find a safe base to hide in! Yeah, but it'll need to be camouflaged. Perhaps we should go and look for weapons. Tom, why don't you go outside and see where we can get some? Hm… Hmm… AHA! Let's go looting! Okay. Okay, we have to attack by surprise! Tom, you take the left, I'll take the right and you take the middle, Edd.

Ready? Go! Well… At least we found the repair kit. Matt?! Indubitably! But why?! Getting kinda bored there… Lying face down in the gutter… Festering… Attack, my zombie acquaintances! Nooooooo!!! Not the COKE MACHINE! Ah, screw this! Let's get outta here! Come back, ya cowards! Drive! DRIVE!!! Oh… My… God… It's T-T-T… Tord!!!.