New climate panel report explores ways to manage risks of extreme weather

Hotter days and longer rainy seasons. Around the globe climate change has created tremendous upheaval. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued today information that confirms the dramatic climate challenges the world faces, and the increasing risk of disasters. The special report on managing the risks of extreme weather and disasters describes climatic trends and how they affect vulnerable people globally. Most of Bangladesh's population lives just above sea level. The effect of climate change on the sea level there can submerge huge amounts of farm land and displace up to 40 million people a clear threat to food security and life. This family in Noler Char, is one of many struggling with the invasion of salt water in their crops. The high tide floods our land and sweeps away our seedings. We replant but by the time the season comes to an end, the crop doesn't grow as it should and there is less yield.

The new report also focuses on preparing for disasters, and calls for sustainable development, early warning systems, and long term actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more UN videos visit: