Plantation Homes | New Home Builder in Texas

We do really beautiful homes and memorable homes. We are gonna be more flexible, we're gonna work with you and we're gonna take the time to listen. As soon as I got into the house I was like "Oh My God" "We thought about it and talked about it and we said we wanted to get a quality home and all that – and we're gonna live there for a very long time" We have the best product on the market "We love it. It's our retreat far from the city" For me it's gonna be designed just the way our homes live and look. "We love our Plantation Homes because of the way the floor plan is laid out. It's very welcoming when you come in." Our architecture – I think about floor plans where you're gonna live in them. "The floor made sense and you walked in and was very liveable.

The kitchen and the family area flow together." The little things, the details, our niches, round the corners… there is a generally less waste of space than normal. "What I love about the kitchen is that when I'm cooking, like when we have parties, and I'm still cooking, I can share with people." We really like the entryway, there's a rotunda in the floor plan there that really gets a lot of compliments. "They hit that moment when they enter our homes and everything falls into place, whether it's we're standing in the kitchen, or maybe that one room that they were thinking they wouldn't been able to get and they did. It's a really neat moment." When you're helping a client pick the floor plan that's best for them, I just ask as many questions as possible. And the more that they talk, the more we know.

"I like great closets, where I can actually put all my clothes and everything fits. And it's great!" We have great designs, great curb appeal, great professionals sale staff. Plantation Homes has among the most energy efficient homes on the market. "We have zoned AC and we have our master bedroom downstairs and so if our children are away for the weekend or whatever they might be, we can reduce costs by lowering the AC upstairs." Compared with how much we were paying before and compared to the space, we are saving in water and we are saving in electricity A LOT. "We had a smaller home before, and our energy bill was higher (higher!) than it is now (laugh) in a larger home." I would definitely recommend Plantation Homes to friends and family. My sister is out home shopping right now and I am telling her "Go get Plantation!".

.. Yeah, I'm gonna see… No just get Plantation now! We definitely recommend Plantation Homes. We made a great decision. High five! (laugh).