Retrofitting Net Zero | Turning Existing Homes into Net Zero Homes

Here at Halco we do what's called Retrofit NetZero and what we mean by that is: we're taking existing old homes, sometimes homes from the 1800s and, what we're able to do is, we're able to first of all, come in a do a home energy evaluation and we're able to tighten up that home through all of our different methods of insulation and air sealing and all the different products and services we offer. We're able to tighten that home right down just like it was a new home. And then from there we introduce renewable energy. And so we will come in and very typically use geothermal taking the energy from the earth, and we''ll make all the heating, the air conditioning, and how water with geothermal, then will pair the geothermal up with either solar or wind to make the electricity. Either the solar or the wind will make all of the power for the geothermal plus the baseload electricity to run the lights and such, and at the end of the day the people have no energy bill ever again.

And what we call that is retrofit net zero. Your making all your own energy, you're not depending on the grid there's no carbon footprint involved, because you're producing all your own power. It's a great thing, we've got many many systems under our belt, doing that, we really pride ourselves at Halco you know those companies that do new construction Net Zero There is a handful of them but there's nobody doing retrofit Net Zero are like we are at Halco. At the end of the day people have no energy bill ever again. What a great thing! .