Rush Limbaugh Laughs in the Face of Climate Change, Hurricane Sandy

there is no one who supports obama who's gonna get out and say in public that this is a hoax certainly no one was a leader of the party so if you have a day when you are electing at mit romney understand that it's not just met ron leaders you are also empowering political forces if we're talking about the what really needs to happen in this country is for people to rise up and fight back against the powerful elite is either do that when you have not in power forty percent of the population who believes diametrically opposite who are invested in the diametrically opposite outcome so i was a listeners cooper-breaux rush limbaugh and understand that'd mit romney presidency also empowers this guy hey story from boston dot com i think that's the boston globe in might be there harold i'm not sure but uh..

. from the boston globe does america one of the two newspapers eric's forman that many environmentalists see is linked to climate change has forced me and about climate vidual in boston will get back that ect ect ect aren't so lives now this is on monday against it laughing at that somehow he visits poetic justice that one people are protesting that were about to get massive storms because of violent climate change and it's not being brought up in the presidential debates in some way he thinks is poetic justice that a massive storm was shut them down two hundred environmentalist wackos had participated around the clock vigil since last tuesday to protest the lack of discussion of climate change in the presidential debate and they called on scott brown and uh.

.. and can be in princess elizabeth warren to discuss the issue now of course uh… limbaugh can't possibly be talking about anything without like uh… opportunity to pass on on some started core she's princess elizabeth well i i don't i guess i don't listen limbaugh enough to know but it's because she's one is really what it comes down to it their final shedule debate today and in the stormy at dave armadillos whackos dispersed and the climate change convention ended ailing missing is al gore generally what happens is they'll schedule global warming commerce glory will show up until smile or call us at www week how that would global climate change did you can't have snow you can't have snow have course he doesn't get that he's making an analogy which is completely opposite uh.

.. but it doesn't matter environmentalists saying they happen we're not talking about the global climate change and its capacity to create superstar district arteries sidi when that superstore comes in and actually disperses thereof their protest that's not analogous to when al gore has a conference and it's nuts that's not his point anyway warm it's way through but gore wasn't even there so i a hurricane disrupted a climate neutral by the way elope i was in the middle of a grandson might want to might think it's one trillion joe vast artie was on my hand in the last night appeals to me with uh… acu weather now he's with the weather bell analytics is chief forecaster ngo by starting is great he does knocks all this global warming equals hurricanes theory out of the out of the water andy's beside himself but this hurricane is being blamed on manmade global warming here's the first to do some butts mike will you support the shortcut stormy said he was company would see it before his days were numbered any finally seemed okay at the person second thing is get used to it along the east coast maybe not this contract but we are in a palestine because it when it's warm the pacific scold us the nineteen fifties all over again has nothing to do a global warming has everything to do it nature and i will go back to where we were the cynicism of the it was uh.

.. the release of the so there's a there's a pattern all that's right i mean this is not something unusual do realize we had ten major hurricanes one eastern seaboard between fifty four nineteen sixty saxophone in fifty four fifty five six working its from north carolina northward so yet that you know in the old bachman turner sonya nothing yet if anything i was too quick undergone several years ago when i said we were going to see this type of thing saw the ah… after i haven't heard a whole lot about this being related to global warming it's such a non-issue anymore because it's fraudulent you do the whole thing has been proven to be a hoax and if you just if you're new to the program you hear me say that you are where you're really but i did not a the university of east anglia united kingdom there was whistleblower in maryland on the mostly released a bunch of inter office emails within the last year in a few years that quite clearly indicated that the people involved would knowingly faking and fudging dated to fit their conclusion man and man's activity was warming the atmosphere and climate here is a public service to those people who just turned into rush limbaugh for the first time there have been at least seven debunking sd of everything you just set look it up and bloomberg you had uh.

.. the national science foundation in this country depart all of what he just said about climate gate other than the fact that some salsa me mails the bread so i think it for investigations every single one of them debunked it i think there were two other international studies dept about it you have a guy who has twenty million listeners who represents one of the intellectual pillars of of the republican party and if he is not enough for you look at who heads there climate uh… their their science who chairs there science uh… committees in the house who's the ranking members of the science committee in the senate they all state local climate change disable i don't care what's in mit romney's heart the one thing that mitt romney has proven is that he will do what these not says say for him to get without any shane without any hesitation willow bomb unreacted any better i don't know probably not but i do know that we will not have to fight an ascending group of people who are telling the people uh… telling the this country in the world that climate change is a hoax.