Trump Saves America From Fake News Climate Change Paris Agreement Hoax

You know you're not allowed to use hairspray anymore because it affects the ozone, you know that, right? Because hairspray is going to affect the ozone, I'm trying to figure out, they don't want me to use hairspray, they want me to use the pump. So, if I take hairspray a device spray on my apartment which is all sealed and your telling me that affects the ozone layer, yes, I say no way folks, no way. >> Welcome to the White House. [SOUND] You know, it's the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Vice President. [MUSIC] To a President who is fighting every day. [APPLAUSE] [SOUND] >> We want Trump. We want Trump. We want Trump. We want Trump. >> All right. [APPLAUSE] Halt, even if the Paris agreement were implemented in full it would only produce a two-tenths of 1 degree, think of that, this much [MUSIC] Celsius reduction by the year 2100, tiny, tiny amount.

In fact, under the Paris Accord, billions of dollars, billions and billions, and billions billions and billions, and billions of dollars that ought to be invested right here in America. Will be sent to the very countries that have taken our factories and our jobs away from us. So think of that, think of that, $1 billion. [SOUND] I am fighting everyday for the great people of this country, who I love. Believe me, believe me, believe me, psst, please clap. >> Believe me. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. >> So, we're getting out. Believe me, this is not what we need. Believe me. Well, the current agreement effectively blocks the development of clean coal in America. And the mine just starting to open up and I happen to love the coal mines. We're having a big opening in two weeks, a big opening of a brand new mine it's unheard of for many, many years that hasn't happened.

Yes, we've give it a go, I'm gonna try. Coal. The United States will withdraw from the Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris Climate Accord. [MUSIC] Thank you. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Thank you. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] >> Wow. Wow, I love that..