Viking Custom Homes

What do they say, there's three or four things in life that are probably the most stressful you ever come across… Like marriage, having a baby and building a house. There could be thousands of choices, so, when we go through the process and we can eliminate that stress it fills our company and everybody that works with us with a sense of pride and satisfaction. We do 10 to 15 custom homes a year We like that size, it gives us the ability to kind of have a little bit more quality control. We can source just about everything out there, but if it's a little too overwhelming, and you need help, we'll kind of guide the customer along either through ABC choice or something that they've seen out there, and we can mix some of these packages together to get them what they want. We've got the flexibility to build in our own communities on our own lots, But we also-a big part of our business is to build off-site on individual's lots.

All of our homes that we build the homeowner gets a chance to walk through the house multiple times throughout the build with our construction manager and see what's going in the house behind the walls. Right out of the gate our standard homes are typically 20-25% more energy efficient than the average home- new home construction that you see out there. The first year warranty process will be a 30 day walk through, a 6 month walk through and then a 1 year walk through. The 2nd year we warranty all the major mechanical system, and then years 3-10 we have a structural warranty on the whole home. The thing that I would ask the builder if I was a customer is I want to speak to your customers. The people that you've built houses for and… that is one of the biggest selling points for our company. Is being able to use everybody that we build for as a reference which is tough to do in today's day and age of building..