Bloom Energy Powers Walmart’s Clean Energy Goals

As a world’s largest retailer, energy is one of our largest operating expenses. Everyday low cost and everyday low price really drive many of the actions and activities we take on within our energy department and all parts of the company. Back in 2005 we set 3 broad sustainable goals and one of those was to create zero waste, sell sustainable products, and then our aspirational goal of being supplied by 100% renewable energies. Walmart has over 380 renewable projects globally. Bloom is a great example of a technology that is going to play an important role in how we accomplish those goals. It’s a clean technology, it’s probably the most attractive technology of all the technologies we’ve installed today. We currently have over 40 systems in place, most of those in California, but we do have 2 in Connecticut that are pretty neat because they’ll actually have a grid continuity component to really drive the production or procurement of 7 billion kilowatt hours by end of 2020. We’ve been very active in solar.

We’ve installed roughly 285 solar projects. We are very excited about what we’ve done with Bloom and what we’re doing to drive innovation and creativity because at Walmart we’re really all about everyday low cost and how we can ensure a better environment for generations to come..