Datacenter BIT – Bedrijfsvideo

Welcome at BIT. BIT is an ISO 27001 certified datacenter and specialised in collocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet usage. The BIT datacenters are carrier neutral. Reliability and security are the core of our services. Our datacenters have been build according to the newest techniques. All facilities in the server rooms are redundant. Our relations can always rely on our qualified people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is about service, maintenance or any possible failures. Our people are an essential factor at BIT. They have the technical knowledge and will gladly work towards the best solution for you. A passion for technology ensures that they prefer to think of bespoke solutions instead of the standard response.

It is a relief for many new clients to find a helpdesk staffed by skillful people who know their business and understand the questions. We distinguish ourselves in our openness as well. Maintenance and failures are clearly visible on our website. We show the manner in which we handle certain incidents and how we can solve the problems as well as possible in the least amount of time. As a datacenter, BIT-2 has been designed and build according to the highest available standards in security and reliability, with the design paying much attention to energy saving measures. All datacenters are equipped with independent, sensitive fire detection systems and fire extinguishing systems. The fire department has a detailed action plan that is tailored to the specific situations in our rooms. The datacenters are electronically and architecturally secure according to VEB 4 The highest attainable standard for a normal commercial building.

On request, clients can even rent private cages with us. For the security of our datacenters, cameras are present, an electric fence has been put up and we make use of biometric verification. For cooling our rooms, we use a cooling installation with a capacity of 600kW per floor. Together with the closed cold corridors, the system ensures an optimum cooling or your equipment. Furthermore, BIT-2 has two direct connections of five million watts to the distribution station of the network operator. The power and emergency power supplies for the racks are completely redundant. Two UPS-systems seamlessly take over the power supply in case of failures and give the diesel generators time to start up. We place high standards on our network and base our infrastructure on the best available technology. Our entire network is redundant. This deliberate redundancy protects our network against eventualities. BIT’s datacenters are centrally located, well above sea level and away from air routes.

BIT has a core network between six locations. A fiber optic ring runs between four of these locations. Namely between BIT-1, BIT-2, SARA and Telecity 2 in Amsterdam. Additionally, BIT is present in London and Frankfurt as well. BIT rents rackspace on the two locations in Amsterdam and the two foreign locations, which are big datacenters where many ISPs, transit providers and carriers are present. BIT-1 and BIT-2 are owned by BIT. We use an open peering policy and peer with every party that requests so. For connections with networks of ISPs that are further away, for example in the United States or Asia, we use different transit partners. This enables us to provide maximum availability for all our clients.

BIT has Corporate Social Responsibility high on the agenda. For BIT this is not a program or a project, but it is embedded in our way of thinking and our way of working. This means that we take account of the environment in our activities, but also pay attention to the human aspects inside our organisation and out. All of our data centers are already functioning on green energy, we offer our business relations the possibility to charge their electric cars free of charge, we use Fair Trade products for lunch and we are involved in various initiatives and foundations like the DHPA, the DDA, ISPConnect, The Dutch IPv6 Task Force and the National Management Organisation Internet Providers. BIT provides datacenter services that many clients depend on every day and that leaves no room for permissiveness.

Our relations can always trust on the best techniques and the best people. Curious what BIT could do for your organisation? Please make an appointment and come by!.