Green Roofing Strategies: The Archetype Sustainable House

In the houses, one of the ideas that the house wanted to have was to demonstrate that the house could have a studio above it or have green roof. So as you go past, up the staircase, you'll see the green roof outside, so it has a variety of nice natural plants that could be herbs, flowers, what ever you want it to be. But it's really a nice thing to have, and basically that's the idea of basically minimizing runoff off the property, absorbs it allows it to evaporate. Here we are on the roof of the Earth Rangers building. And here I wanted to show you three different types of roofing strategies that commercial can use. Now the most obvious one is the greenery that you see all around me. This has a very beautiful, one of the best green roofs I've ever seen. Instead of putting tar, shingles and stone up here, what they've done is they've planted a green roof which has a whole variety of plants.

So this is what we do, we have a great big sponge with these gorgeous plants which hold back the water and allow it to evaporate, therefore reducing the amount of stormwater that does come off it, and how we prevent how we prevent that stormwater from getting into the river systems. When we do get big storms the water is allowed to percolate through the soil into a drainage system which then goes down into a 300,000 litre cistern which is underneath this building and that's used for grey water recycling in terms of toilets, and also, this is also irrigated, so that water is reused up here to help nice an moist, and you get this beautiful greenery all around. Now in the distance there is a second green roof, but you notice the plants there are much much smaller and that's because that was the original roof which has a much smaller surface soil inside, so the planets there are limited in terms of that they can grow there. Some of the other unique roofing aspects that they have on this building here, the roof up here does not have a green roof, it has a white roof. And there we're demonstrating more around heat island effects.

So in cities you have all these black surfaces which helps generate heat which makes cities much hotter than they should be. So if you put a white roof on, it reflects that heat back to the building reducing the heat island effect but also keeps the building cooler during the summer time. So we have green roofs, we have white roofs, and then on the sloped roof which we have behind here, they've actually used an eco-tile which is made from recycled rubber. So these are some of the alternatives that commercial buildings have available to them to start employing them right away, in terms of reducing stormwater management, reducing heat collection on the roof, cooling, and also using alternative materials for roofing a building..