Green Sustainable Energy – CC

Up next on CityEdition Bend is taking renewable energy and sustainability seriously Here's a look at how the City is going by using both solar and hydro power. The City of Bend Public Works Department is real excited to enter into green technology We are looking right now at some of our facilities as well hydro operations, also we're looking at cogeneration using methane gas at our wastewater treatment facility. The basis of the system is we have a large solar panel on top of the 3 million gallon water tank. We have a control panel up there also that has a bank of batteries that are being charged continually by the solar panel. Inside the tank we have a large mixer that transfers about 3,000 gallons a minute thru the device and sprays the water about in the top 1" of the water column adding to about a 10,000 gallon per minute mix. The benefit is we get proper thorough tank mixing of our water being treated during process of making it potable water drinking water. The benefits of having a solar panel device it takes us off the grid during lightning storms when the power is knocked out our unit still works – it's been in the tank for over 2 years 24 hrs.

per day, 7 days a week it's worked. We're excited to have one facility here in public works department where we have hydro electric generation station. We have a valve where we have water constantly flowing thru it. We decided the energy that's in that valve. Now the energy that's in that valve energy that comes from that powers up the entire alarm power supply for that location. In the past these valves were all manually controlled. With the new technology and the hydro we have the capability to operate these remotely anywhere in the City of Bend that we can hit wirelessly from home, from service trucks. This is our hydro self generating unit that generates the power to operate our system remotely this is the drive motor that drives the hydro valve to control flow and pressure for this system. We don't have to send as many crews out to deal with that station as everything is done remotely from a computer at an alternate location, saving us trips and manpower The hydro-electric allows us to have better control of the system in flow and pressure so the service to our customers is a lot better.

On our new transit center we have solar power that is supplementing power needs at our transit center As you can see behind me we have plenty of natural light entering the building and this was designed into the structure itself. We have an abundance of windows in this facility as well as excellent location to gain solar power from our voltaic panels that are up on the roof. Designed in to the building we have canopy we have canopies that shade the window areas so the we can reduce the amount of heat generated thru the glass. We also have a shop that has a reflective floor coating that eliminates the need for additional lighting in the space and there's a real strong effort to go green with this structure. There are tremendous benefits of going green in the public works department.

One: energy savings we know that energy rates are going increase in the future and the more that we can go with solar power the more energy we will save..