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(upbeat music) Wouldn't it be great to harness the light of the sun and bring it inside to light your building? By strategically bringing sunlight into your building, you can ultimately utilize less artificial interior electric lighting. Studies show that bringing natural daylight into retail areas may increase sales as well as increasing employee productivity and attitudes. CentiMark offers two unique applications that bring the sun's light into your building, light tubes and prismatic skylights. The light tube is a cylindrical device that is installed on your roof. The light tube's 18 inch diameter, clear-domed top refracts and magnifies the sun's light through a series of diffusers and mirrored surfaces. The amount of light entering your building can be measured and monitored to dim your artificial lighting or turn off the lights completely, keeping your interior lighting consistent. Such a reduction in artificial lighting can save your organization substantial money on electric bills.

In fact, some customers have recaptured their investments from the installation of light tubes in as little as one year, based on their electricity saving. Another way to harness the light of the sun is through the use of prismatic skylights. Conventional skylights simply allow the sun's light to pass through, creating hot spots and a minimal lighting footprint. Prismatic skylights utilize a series of small prisms to enhance and disperse the light of the sun. This allows the light to be cast across a much wider footprint than conventional skylights, reducing your need for artificial lighting. Replacing conventional skylights with prismatic skylights can reduce the need for artificial light while reaping the benefits of natural sunlight on sales and productivity. Let CentiMark show you how much money you can start saving by utilizing the sun to light the interior of your building.

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