Vegetated Roofs- Tremco’s Sustainable Innovation

The program that we're looking to bring to the market really involves a strategic partnership with a company called BioRoof. They bring all the vegetative roof expertise into this. Tremco, of course, has been in the roofing and waterproofing business since 1928, so when you bring companies together with that level of understanding about how buildings perform how systems like vegetative roof can impact that performance you really got a winning combination. BioRoof has been active in the greater Toronto area for over a decade and we've done a lot of groundbreaking types of green roofs. We've done some of the first major urban meadows in North America we've created the highest-performing systems in terms of mitigating storm water and cooling benefits. The first of which is the VR light which is an extensive, probably the least costly and less heavy of all the different types of systems and the second of which is the VR mod which is the VR extensive or light already pre-grown in a module. And all you do is bring it up to the roof it's already vegetated, you water it and you walk away.

The other of which is the VR max which is the intensive application: basically a garden on the roof that allows you a lot of various flexibility in what can be planted whether it's a combination of sedums, wild flowers, shrubs and trees. It's absolutely gorgeous. And the last of which is the Hydra max, which encompasses the old way of doing it, incorporating crushed aggregate and soil along with vegetation. Still a lot of people like the old way of doing it. We prefer the three others which I've already mentioned. So a regular roof with no vegetation you can reach up to 150 degrees at the surface of the roof. By putting on the European-inspired green roof you can get that down to about 100 degrees so that translates into energy savings by cooling the rooftop where all the mechanical units draw in air to cool the building so it saves money in that way. With Tremco, our whole focus is on the building envelope with tested proven warranted systems from the below grade all the way up the walls the air barriers, the glazing, the sealants. We provide all of these materials. All of a sudden now the green roof, one of the many building components that we will put together in an all-encompassing warranty.

That's great, one-stop-shop. The customer deals with one company as compared to our competition- fine companies- but you have to go to 4 or 5 different people in the event of a problem. With Tremco, one company, one system, one warranty. The reason that we believe Tremco is such a great partner is that we truly do take into account how the building's going to perform long-term. We're working throughout the entire project to help make all the right connections. And a vegetative roof is really just one more element that needs to be considered and we're going to be there with them from the very beginning in the ground all the way to the the top of that structure.