Why Green Roofs are the Best

Shout-out to the french parliament that just passed a law declaring rooftops on all new buildings in commercial zones must be partially covered in plants or solar panels. Good job france, but also good job reddit for getting an environmental story to the top post on the front page — i knew some of you trolls cared. So why is this law so great? What even is a green roof? What does having a bunch of plants on top of a building even do? Great questions me. Green roofs, which cover rooftop spaces in layers of grasses, shrubs, flowers, and other forms of flora, are the best. For starters, they insulate the building — kinda like a hat, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat /or cool/ a building — which in turn lowers the buildings energy consumption. Green roofs also can retain rainwater, which reduces runoff which is especially nasty in cities. Think about all that car gunk down on the streets.

You don't want all that oily, runny, dirty, sandy, nasty, salty stuff to get into your drinking water. They also increase green space, which is super hard to come by in urban environments. Not to mention they’re absolutely beautiful and attract wildlife. Plus there is the added bonus of plants loving to chomp on that CO2 and reduce air pollution. Green roofs also take a crack at reducing urban “heat island” effects. A “Heat Island” is this super fun thing that happens where cities are substantially warmer than the area around them. This has a lot to do with the heat absorption of concrete and asphalt in the roads, as well as the reflective properties of buildings, and the low hanging smog that comes from areas of very dense car use.

Green roofs transform some of those dark, heat absorbing spaces into green spaces. And then absorb that heat for evapotranspiration within the plants. And once again, plants love for COs, which can reduce that smog and alleviate some of that trapped heat in cities. Green roofs are pretty much the bomb and they’re way low maintenance because shrubbery doesn't require you to do that much. Generally speaking just the natural rain water and sunlight is all they need to survive. Nothing you gotta do cept for look at them and how pretty they are. So go out and urban garden friends. Get yourself a green thumb. Thanks for watching, lemme know in the comments down below if you have or would consider getting yourself a green roof. I've left some information down below for how to even get started on that kind of process.

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