New Haldorádó Products – 2017

New Haldorádó Products – 2017 It is a great honour to welcome everyone in this movie introducing the Haldorádó year 2017 new products! During the process of product developments we are motivated by three main aims primarily. The first and most important one is maximal effectiveness! The second one is to create such products, attractants which must be effective in small quantities too, and last but not least the simple application! I am an old hand in this profession, I have seen and experienced many things during the almost 40 years I have spent with fishing. In the “golden age” of fishing, of which by the way my movies witness, fishing would have been unimaginable without the use of a great deal of groundbait, while now, thanks to modern attractants, one half bag off groundbait and a single piece of plastic corn might be enough even for a whole day of fishing! With the help of these products even several quintals of fish can be landed! It probably makes you think what we will use 5 years from now, if the fishing industry keeps on developing in such rapid tempo?! I have some tips for this too, but first of all let’s have a look at what we are going to offer in 2017! Maintaining the tradition, firstly we would like to introduce the novelties of the big-fish product range, in which my companions will be two excellent members of Haldorádó Carp Team, Tamás Haskó and Ernõ Kerekes.

They have been doing their jobs with great enthusiasm and with ever increasing know-how for several years, the new products that we are going to introduce now are to be thanked to them. But before we would take these into account, especially now in the beginning of the year, we always remember back happily to the fish we caught in the previous season and which made our hearts pounding. Tomi! What was the most memorable catch of yours in the last year? Well, just as you have already mentioned it, Gábor, numerous beautiful memories link me to year 2016, but if I must emphasize just one from these now, I would connect it to the fishing trip we spent on the Szivárgó canal, where I managed to catch 6 wonderful carps during one night only! I believe that this trip was an outstanding experience for me! Well, especially in wild water environment! Yes, currently, as you could also see it, we opened towards river carp fishing many times, which means the very peak of boilie carp fishing for me.

Wow, that water area, and the wonderful footages that were shot their… To tell you the truth that is one of my favourite films! It has arisen my interest as a feeder fishing angler too, well, but this is the sound of the future, let’s get back to this later! Ernõ, I am turning to you now! What was the zenith for you in 2016? The most memorable moment is linked to one of the last fishing trips of the year, when we were fishing with Tomi on a water that had been unknown for both of us, and we prepared the introduction movie of the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix there. I have already managed to catch a wonderful, more than 20 kilos big common carp there! One above 10 kg and one above 20 kg! Not bad! Can you lift it up? Well, tell me something my friend! I cannot say a word! It is an experienced old player! Very nice! We would need a bigger cradle, wouldn’t we?! If we will continue to do it like this! What else will happen today?! Oh my God! These are wonderful catches! Ernõ you too, and Tamás as well, you can be proud of those fish rightfully, which you caught last year and in the previous years, but the biggest pride for us is that, the numerous knowledge and experience gathered during the years incorporates in these products.

Tomi, let’s not draw time any further! Which is the product line that you would like to introduce primarily? Perhaps we should start with the Blue Fusion product range! Blue Fusion Boilie Products The basic idea for this product line came from the Blue Fusion pellet, which is a special, fishmeal-free, fruity and sour flavoured bait, which holds water during the whole year basically! It is not a secret that this bait was sold in the biggest number of pieces amongst the pellets of the Haldorádó palette in year 2016. From this point it was not a question for us that if this works so well during the quick feeder carp fishing, then – as customers’ needs also showed – we have to produce a more hook-resistant, and more durable version of it as well! When finally the tests of the Blue Fusion product range could get started, well that was when the real surprise came! We achieved such fantastic results with this bait in natural environment whereat we ourselves were also bewildered! From this point on events speeded up very much, we proceeded ahead like a knife through butter, feedbacks arrived very fast from fish, and eventually I can hold such a product line in my hand, of which eventual products we managed to produce within a very short period of time. I thought it would be important to tell this because we have such products, like for example the Record Carp Stick Mix too, in which case, months or even years may pass, until we can hold such a product in our hands with which we are maximally satisfied with as well.

After all this we proudly introduce the new Haldorádó Blue Fusion product line, which works very well both on natural and wild waters as well, and it does well on the intensely stocked lakes which are exposed to great pressure! The detailed introduction of this product took place in the 15th episode of On Big Carps’ Trail! It is a wonderful, golden yellow carp, I think I have never caught such a beautifully coloured carp before. Very nice! It is almost like a koi carp, but you know this can be due to this wild water. It is very beautiful! After my wonderful daytime fish, I would like to introduce the Blue Fusion palette, which will be extended with one new member from year 2017. You can find also the dissolving and boiled versions of the 800 gram package on the palette, and the boiled pop up and the dissolving floating varieties are also available. The big sized wafters baiting boilie is here next to it, this is 24 millimetres wide. The coated baits are next in line, which can be found in both boiled and dissolving version as well.

And here is a baiting boilie that can be dipped, the "Boilie in Dip" which is considered to be a peculiarity. And also the inevitable Carp Dip. The paste is also behind it, and here is the Carp Syrup, and last but not least the novelty of 2017, the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix, which will be introduced in more detail later. Record Carp Stick Mix Ernõ, please, introduce our next significant new product line, which production was preceded by an extreme amount of systematic and precise work! What are the main features of this product? You see this very well, Gábor, this is an entirely new product line, the Record Carp Stick Mix, which we had to build up from the very basics. It consists of 8 different products, which are all guaranteed different one by one! The reason why all this lasted for so long is that we are talking about unique, independent products, which are in harmony with the flavours of our already existing boilie products, but at the same time we can increase the effectiveness of those products with the help of these! Its major features are that it is lumpy, big particle-sized, guaranteed sinking mixture that will surely remain on the bottom, it is a real delicacy for large fish! After opening the bag it can be filled in to the PVA net drily, but it might also be upgraded with Carp Syrup if you like, the way we also used it, in order to increase its efficiency! I suggest to watch the relevant part of the 16th episode of On Big Carps’ Trail in which we introduce the product in detail! So we would like to introduce in more detail the eight members of the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix product line, which we are going to divide into two parts! There will be fish meal based, and fish meal free types! So let’s see these! Here are those three types in front of me, which share one mutual characteristic, namely that they include some fish meal.

The first one is the Black Squid. It has almost the strongest, fish meal – squid flavour which is a real protein bomb! The next one is the Green Pepper! This is a moderately fish meal based variety that includes original green pepper extract, this is the most effective bait of cold water fishing! And finally the third one, the Spicy Red Liver. The particularity of this is that, besides fish meal, it includes liver extract in powdered form, and Robin Red as well! This is a real four-season bait! The five fish meal free mixture can be seen here on the table, but there is one odd-one-out amongst them! And it is no other than the Big Fish! There is one thing you have to know about this is that it is a sweet mixture, but it contains fish pellets in great quantities, thus making this bait truly unique. This is the well-known, most intense taste, which has already deceived many old carps! The next one is the Blue Fusion, which received a strong fruity, very sour aroma, which cannot be compared to anything else! The Blue Fusion is followed by the FermentX in the line. This bait has a fermented, acidulated taste flavour, which is most winning for carps and grass carps during the summer months! The next one, perhaps the sweetest member of the boilie product assortment is the Sweet Pineapple! This offers a universal, four-season solution for the anglers! And last but not least the Wild Tiger, which is a natural type flavour that contains high tiger nut content, which is the best solution on wild waters! I believe that it is apparent from this how broad the Haldorádó Carp assortment range is, but this is not that makes it unique or particular on the market! But that we offer not one single product but a complete palette from every flavour, namely one can find every product from baiting to feeding! I would like to share one more useful information in connection with this product, since this was developed not only for boilie fishermen, but the feeder big-fish anglers can use it willingly also! But Gábor, you can tell the most about this in the most trustworthy matter.

During the active tests it became obvious for me that any feeder mixture’s nutritional value can be further enhanced with these, but what is even more important than this is that the average weight of fish caught with them further increased. Thus it is not a question for me that there is great potential in these mixtures for the advantage of the feeder big-fish anglers! With the help of these we can create such unique mixtures, which might help us catch even large-sized fish during the course of short-time fishing, no matter whether we are talking about an intensely stocked lake or a wild river! The best examples for this are the movies shot by Gábor Sipos and myself! Considering the upshot we made a very brutal, very intensive mixture! It is a pity that we cannot transmit smells and tastes for the camera, but this is a very special mixture! The method technique is the most effective carp fishing method on every part of the world! It helped me catch the umpteenth wonderful fish! The strength of Haldorádó has always laid in the products developed for the innovative, fast, feeder fishing, especially for carp. However this is not only one man’s work, but there is a complete team behind this! I am going to introduce the new products together with those fellow workers who played an active role in this.

Let’s see what the anglers can meet in 2017. But before I would go into this in detail, I will ask a question to my team mate. What was your year like? Józsi, firstly I would like to turn to you, what 2016 competition place or memorable catch are you the proudest? Unfortunately I did not manage to fish last year as much as I would have liked to, but perhaps I am the proudest of that I achieved 2nd place on the I. National Method Feeder Championship. Congratulations for this great achievement again, Józsi! But here is Sipi, who might have an even more successful year behind his back! Yes, year 2016 was a highly memorable year for me, because I managed to step on the podium again since 2014, on the Hungarian National Feeder Fishing Championship, since I reached 3rd place, and I closed on the 1st place of the MOHOSZ ranking at the end of the year.

Thus I qualified firstly for the national feeder fishing team that will travel to Portugal, thus finally I will be able to represent my country on a world championship! For this achievement not only you, but all of us can be proud rightfully! But here is last bit not least Tomi. What catch or result are you the proudest? Year 2016 has spent very successfully and meaningfully for me as well, but I would like to divide this issue in two parts, since I do not take part actively in competitions… But despite from this, your work does not worth any less! Furthermore, in certain circumstances you are much more useful member of our team than anybody else, because you have more time for the continuous testing and development of products. Thanks for complementing this! It is a great pleasure for me, and this is what I am the proudest of, namely that I can be present in the life of Haldorádó Team Ltd. as a full-time employee from year 2016. With this, a childhood dream of mine came true, and for now my hobby has become my work as well.

But, to answer your question too, it fills me with great joy and proudness, that I manage to develop the light-tackle variety product line of the Blue Fusion, of which I believe that it will cause happiness for many anglers, and it will also help them to catch excellent fish! Brutal Liver groundbait I am holding one of the most promising Haldorádó 2017 feeder groundbait in my hands, which is no other than the Brutal Liver! Gábor, what should we know about this? Very nice memories and very nice fish can be linked to this groundbait, but it is worth mentioning one thing, although the development of the product took place largely on the Maconka reservoir, during preparation for competition into the bargain, and though it helped the team to a very nice score on the I. Hungarian National Method Feeder Championship, that’s not the only place where the groundbait works well! We tested on many such intensely stocked lakes where the bream population embitters the life of carp fishermen.

That’s the place where this groundbait is really in its element, since its selective impact is extraordinary! This is a really special, characteristic, meaningful groundbait, which came into being and gained ultimate form after numerous days spent with fishing here. It works extremely well on lakes similar to this which are intensely stocked, that is exactly why it got its name Brutal Liver. 168 00:14:51,940 –> 00:14:57,129 This mixture will be available as a new member of the Top Method Feeder series from next year. Before I would start talking about its nutritional value, it is worth mentioning, that the other advantage of this groundbait, besides its meaningfulness, is that it contains awfully heavy particles and so it will stay on the bottom guaranteed where we can reckon carps are feeding.

As you can see it, the dumplings dissolve quickly, but there is not a single floating particle in it, it is guaranteed that this mixture will dissolve on the bottom, it will remain there beside the feeder and the bait. Right there where we reckon carps are located. I will pick it a little bit, it is apparent how it gets whirled up, but the heavy particles will go back to the bottom within moments only. Considering its consistency this is a perfect method groundbait, but what is the case with its nutritional value? This attractant consists of flesh and blood fishmeal, and liver powder and ground halibut pellets. So this is a very meaningful mixture, and besides this, we even densified it at competitions with Micro Method Feed Pellets and small-sized halibut pellets.

I told this sentence, and behold, there is no trace of the whirled groundbait already, it sank back to the bottom nicely. After listing the components of it perhaps it is not surprising that we are talking about a groundbait which smell is not quite pleasant for the human nose, but the point is that carps come at it like wasps at honey. There are many little disturbing fish, mainly bream fish here in Maconka. With this groundbait we can select the number of disturbing small fish to zero. Hybrid Method Pellet When we were preparing for the I. Method Feeder National Championship and read the rules of the competition, we came across with the fact that solely the use of natural baits were allowed! This was interesting for us since we are convinced, that one of the most effective bait during method feeder fishing is plastic corn. Well, the use of this was out of the question, but in order to substitute it, we were working with full force on an alternative bait that could take the place of the plastic corn! Well, this is how the Hybrid Method Pellet came into being, which proved to be so successful, that, after the competition, it was no longer a question for us that we will make this available for everyone! Especially because, you know, not only common-sized carps, but large ones also willingly fed on this bait, which size and lifting force is perfectly ideal for the method feeder fishing! It comes in 6 popular tastes, and these are the following: Honey Brandy, Blue Fusion, Sweet Pineapple, Chilli Squid, Red Demon, and finally Garlic.

This bait can be offered the easiest way on a bait sting, but it can be also laced onto a bait floss! I will put one piece of Hybrid Method Pellet on the 7 mm bait sting, this is no other than the renewed version of our old Hybrid pellet. This is a novelty product of 2017, which is a corn-shaped, coloured and flavoured floating bait. It is ideal for this method. It will be available in six different flavour varieties, I laced on the bait sting a Blue Fusion variety now of these, but I have another favourite, namely the Garlic taste! All flavours come in two different colour varieties, but those who would like to try out all six tastes, they can purchase them on a reasonable price in a six-piece pack! Method Spray Józsi, you have mentioned it in the introduction that on the I. Method Feeder National Championship you managed to reach a very good place, you reached 2nd place! But we both know it very well, that this could be even better than this, namely even the first place was not too far from you neither. What was the secret of that you managed to attain such a good place on this competition? Of course it could have been better too, but I am very happy for this 2nd place as well, since I achieved this 2nd place within very highly-ranked and “big names” in feeder fishing.

To be successful we primarily need a good groundbait and a good bait, but after a while all this is not enough either! In order to maintain fish’s curiosity, we used a liquid aroma, which name is Method Spray. By alternately spraying these aromas either on the groundbait or on the bait, we managed to have a bait in 1-2 minutes! But let’s see this in practice in our film shot on Maconka! Józsi, you and Gábor together started the row with very beautiful fish. You both managed to land extraordinary size fish right at the beginning. What is that tiny trick which will help us to keep up large fish’s interest continuously? There has been always great significance of using aromas here on Maconka. Let’s think about it! A grounding feeding was made, if we cast our rigs with the same groundbait to the fed spot, it would not stand out from that medium, this is why we direct fish to the feeder with aroma impulses. For this purpose I used the dense aromas of the Fluo energy product line, which will come out in 2017. Its name is Method Spray.

Józsi, how many flavour varieties will this product be available in? In all flavours of the Fluo Energy product line, namely six different versions. What is the difference between the Method spray, and the Fluo Essence which comes in similar taste? The carrier material of the two aromas are entirely different. The Fluo Essence is a dense aroma, which arouses fish’s interest with its irresistible taste and the cloud that it produces during its dissolution, and its effect can last even for 30 minutes. The Method Spray is not as dense, but a really thick aroma concentration, which exerts its influence explosively, it works extremely quickly. Thanks to this I had more bites, which appeared within one minute after the cast, even during competition circumstances! Blue Fusion Feeder Products We will continue the line of Haldorádó new products with a very special product line, the Blue Fusion.

Tomi, you are clearly the father of this. What should we know about these and what products do they include? Well, one thing which I would like to note in connection with these products is that their development were in progress for a long time, thus, there are plenty of working hours, numerous fishing and experience in them, and at the end, I believe, we managed to find those products which were worth waiting for! The most spectacular member of the family is the Fluo Energy Blue Fusion groundbait. This is such a modern, extravagant mixture, which offers newness both for the fish, and for the experimental type anglers too. Of course the Micro Method Feed Pellet could not be left out of the Blue Fusion line either, which is a pellet developed for selective big-fish fishing. A complete liquid aroma group is right here next to it! From these, I would like to highlight first the Fluo Flavour, and the denser, thicker version of it is next to it, namely the Fluo Essence, and the CSL Tuning Cold-water aroma, and finally, an absolute new product, the Method Spray.

Of course there was development on the bait line as well, thanks to this, beside the family-founding Dissolving Fluo Floating Pellet, the Hybrid Method Pellet, and a special bait imitation, the SpéciPellet, are also available now! If you would like to get further information on these products, and if you would like to acquire more useful cold-water tricks, I recommend you to watch my newest movie, which I filmed together with Gábor Sipos, which title is “Only the Blue – Available in New Effective Varieties!”. Spéci Pellet We continue the line with the introduction of two very special baits, the first one of these is the Haldorádó SpéciPellet. I stated clearly in the introduction that the biggest motivation for us during product development is simple usability. Well, I believe that this product matches this requirement maximally, but what we must know about this exactly will be told by Gábor in detail! I believe I do not surprise anyone if I tell you that the SpéciCorn products are leaders on our sales lists. We found that it was time to broaden the palette with a pellet-shaped bait imitation.

However it was not enough for us to offer new tastes and new shapes, our intention was to create a bait that can be used as easily as possible! For the application of this bait you don’t need bait stings or baiting needles, you only need a hook and nothing more! But the best is if I show you this in practice! The recognition came after the creation of the SpéciMaggot that it would be good to develop a bigger bait, especially produced for carp fishing, which the angler could put onto the hook right after he or she takes it out of the jar. We were thinking about such a bait-size which could be a successful bait on its own as well, and basically there is no need for any further products for the application of it. This is how SpéciPellet was born, which is a barrel-shaped twelve millimetre wide bait.

Just as we take this out of the jar, the silicone stem on this pellet imitation is striking to us immediately, on the end of which there can be found a little ring. This tiny little detail makes this bait really easy to use, since we have nothing else to do, than to choose the suitable size hook, then push the point of the hook through the ring and pull the bait up to the hook’s bend. This baiting method took me only about five seconds. thus, those who were afraid of the use of such bait imitations until now, because they do not like the bait sting, or the bait floss; well, behold, now they too can find a suitable alternative for the use of it! The newest generation of Spéci products also comes in six different flavours, these are the following: Blue Fusion, Strawberry and Honey, Pineapple-Banana, Garlic and Clam, Spicy Liver, and Octopus and Squid.

Thanks to the wide choice it is sure that there will be some types which will be successful on intensely fished waters, and there will be others which will be effective on natural, smaller fish density lakes. FermentX Big-Fish Bait We are closing the line of baits with a very special product that was made available already in the summer of 2016. Sipi, what was the reason of this? One of the reason for this was that the development phase had already ended and the product had received an excellent rating. And the other reason was that this bait is lactic-acid based and the real season for such a bait is clearly summer, and early autumn, so it would have been totally unnecessary to wait until January with the launching of the product. So now we can report on what this bait is like, and how much fish people caught with it already, and not on what it would be like! Perhaps there are still many people whom the news of the FermentX Big-Fish Bait did not reached yet, I recommend for them our movie with Tamás Putz entitled "Using FermentX for Large Fish!", in which we introduce it in detail how to use this bait! So, can you see it?! Those are the fish which I am talking about right now! You would like to catch such fish now too, don’t you? 🙂 That is for sure! The worthily popular family of FermentX products broadened with a new member.

296 00:25:54,240 –> 00:25:58,740 For the delight of big fish anglers, we created such a bait that was developed especially for the aimed fishing for large-sized fish and it has significantly longer dissolution time, and as it is apparent, significantly bigger size too. 299 00:26:09,069 –> 00:26:15,550 This difference in size is most conspicuous when I put a normal FermentX Dissolving Pellet beside it. This difference speaks for itself! Such a big sized bait selects fish out well, 301 00:26:21,839 –> 00:26:24,999 and what is the best in it is that this is also dissolving. 302 00:26:24,999 –> 00:26:32,870 It is working nicely in the water, its surface softens up slowly, while its inner part remains hard as a stone. Depending on the temperature of the water it bears 5-7 hours in the water without the need for exchanging it. Of course in most of the cases there is no need to wait for so long, but one thing is for sure, that smaller fish will not be able to take this off, as opposed to other smaller, softer baits.

Considering its shape, this resembles to a barrel, but looking at its material this is a transition between the boilie and the pellet. This is exactly why it got its name, FermentX Big Fish bait. 308 00:27:00,840 –> 00:27:05,839 Just as the other members of the FermentX family, this also comes in 6 different flavours, 309 00:27:05,839 –> 00:27:13,560 it differs from the smaller sized FermentX Dissolving Pellet in its usage as well, 310 00:27:13,560 –> 00:27:18,899 since as you can see it, this does not come in drilled version, but this is a concise bait. 311 00:27:18,899 –> 00:27:26,920 However, this conciseness does not appear in its weight, thus it is very easy to balance it and lighten it. Maggot River, Method River Feeders Anglers who know well Haldorádó products and use them regularly got used to that we pay emphasized attention not only to the development of groundbaits, baits and aromas, but also to the development of accessories and small items too! So those useful accessories could come out already in the autumn of 2016 which offer great help for river fishing. I am holding two feeders in my hands which proved their right for their existence, especially for the autumn-time, river fishing conditions on the Danube.

One of them is our Maggot River, while the other one is the Method River feeders. Of course both come in several different sizes up to 200 gram weight, in order to stop in even the greatest currents! Useful Small Parts From the useful small accessories I would like to highlight two products now, which were produced especially to make anglers’ job easier. One of them is the SpéciMethod Rig. This is being manufactured in Hungary, and so we proudly indicated this on the packing as well… This is a ready rig that consists of a hook with a bait sting tied on an 8 centimetres long braided leader line. While the other one is such a bait sting equipped with a silicone ring, for which there is no need for a bait floss. After tearing off from its stem, we have nothing else to do than to lace it on to our favourite hook, and we can enjoy all the advantages of fishing with bait stings already! Of course this also comes in three different sizes. New Fishing Lines The colourful monofil main lines are getting more and more popular among feeder anglers as well.

Considering these demands, we came out with these two new really colourful lines! It is very important why we chose these two colours, it is apparent that one of them is blue and the other one is red, because I asked a clear question on my Facebook page in which I was interested in anglers responses, what colour lines would they like to see most in the assortment of the Haldorádó palette?! The majority of votes clearly arrived for these two colours, thus besides the traditional dark coloured lines, you will find two new coloured lines in the Haldorádó product assortment from 2017. One of them will be called Blue Feeder, while the other one will be the Red Feeder. But the line of new products does not end here, since a Fluorocarbon named monofil line came out too, which is truly made of Fluorocarbon material, and it will be available from 0,14 mm to 0,35 mm. Thus its smaller sizes will serve well for hook lines in case of extreme sensitive feeder fishing, its medium thick sizes will be good for main lines, while the thickest, 0,25-0,35 mm wide ones will be ideal for monofil shock leader lines too, on such waters where the use of braided shock leader lines or main lines is forbidden! Prixi Predatory Fish Aroma Spray Beside the boilie and feeder products, from year 2017, the Haldorádó products assortment broadens with new aromas developed for predatory fish.

This product line comes under the name of PRIXI Predatory Fish Aroma Spray, and it has 6 different flavours. Zoli, what was the basic conception of this product, what idea engendered them? Those who know me know it very well that I always turn towards the Danube with great love and dedication, this is the river where I am after bream fish and predatory fish too. I noticed during fishing for predatory fish, and I realized this only later, that many times I had “bite-like” happenings during my fishing, but still, I did not manage to achieve such action to which I would have been able to strike. So I started to think about what I should change in order for me to be more successful, or to be able to exchange these careful finicky tiny bites – or how should I put this – these tiny tremors, signs, into real bites! We can owe a good solution to such an observation that we experienced during feeder fishing. I use the plural because this happened not only to me, to you, but also to many of our friends, colleagues, anglers that while we were using the SpéciCorn bait, we manged to catch such predatory fish that we had not counted on.

At first we thought that this was just accidental, but after having rethought, discussed with one another, we came to the conclusion that this many random cases do not exist! We experienced that predatory fish react very well to certain tastes and aromas! This can mean a tiny plus that provokes the attack stimulus in the predator. We established the assortment according to these experiences, which I introduced in detail in my movie filmed at Lake Balaton! Behold the Haldorádó Prixi aroma range, which we developed for fishing for predatory fish. The range consists of 6 members, 2 for catfish, 2 for pikes, and 2 for zanders. Let’s have a look at them one-by-one! "Catfish 1" is a fish flavour, "Catfish 2" is a Belachan-fermented crayfish taste. This is a highly smelly, piquant aroma! There are “type 1” and “type 2” of the pike aromas as well. “Pike 1” is fish-buttery acid, “Pike 2” is fish-clam flavoured. And here are the two protagonists of yesterday’s fishing, the “Zander 1” and “Zander 2” aromas.

From these, type one is fish-octopus flavoured, and the second one is garlic. Have you thought that the garlic flavoured aroma combination would bring the first fish? Well, to be honest, I would have voted for this one, the fish flavoured aroma. Huh, this is a very smelly stuff! This is stinking, indeed! The use of the aroma is awfully simple, we spray it onto the lure from close, then turn the bait a little bit, we let it dry for a few second… And we can cast it already! Since the aroma is very dense and sticky, thus it taste and scent will be perceptible on our lures even after several casts. Besides this we can also use it for the extra flavouring of live and dead baits! We can use it for fish fillets, leech, worm, anything! We used these two aromas alternately yesterday. Tamás, which one was the winner for you? For me, I had a huge strike on the intense garlic aromatized lure… And I caught a very nice zander with it! I got this! What do you feel? Well, this will be quite a good zander! Should I prepare the landing net? Yes! Wohoo, excellent! I will not lift it, so that it can remain in the water as long as possible.

Good! Well, let’s see it! Wonderful little zander! Wow, how nice teeth it has got! Thank you for your attention! Choose those products which are most sympathetic for you from the Haldorádó 2017 offer, and I wish you to catch more and bigger fish with them as never before! .