Solbian Energy Flyer

Hello to everybody and welcome back to the last of the Solbian products review My name is always Samuele from the technical office Today we will speak about Energy Flyer our breakthrough device that allows a quick charge of tablet and smartphone it consists in an ALLinONE device, but miniaturized it is composed by four Sun Power high efficiency cells and on the back the electronic module engineerized and realized by Solbian The main difference by its big brother is in power development that device produces 13 watt another one is electronics, in fact as you can see, here is an USB port you will be able to recharge iOS or Android based smartphone and tablet this little motherboard rise efficiency and regulates recharging with MPTT boost algorithm Sometimes, people buy unbranded solar chargers online it can occur that are defective specially when the light is poor charge is slow and you must disconnect and reconnect the device with Energy Flyer that doens't happen because electronics manages all these aspects You need less than a hour to perform a complete smartphone recharge (e.

g. iPhone 6) a tablet recharge about in one hour electric characteristics are Voc 5V weight 300gr All rounded rubber frame with four holes on the edges that permit to hang it pn the back pack or window or car, for instance An other significant characteristic is efficiency that rise till 98% comparable to a home wall socket that's the reason why the charge is so quick The panel is incredibly resistant You will receive it in its dedicated box It's a retail market oriented product and an elegant box is mandatory! inside you will find its instruction manual you will find more informations and technical characteristics on its dedicated mini site As you can see here is EF on our office windows and it isn't directly exposed to sun green led is on and that means that cells are capturing energy electronics is ready to charge let's connect iPhone 6s as you can see by the "thunder" icon it's charging and the light on the EF is changed in red, that means that a decide is connected and charging Connecting a device and waiting for a half hour you EF will charge an empty battery to its 60-70% so in less than a hour the device will be completely charged That's all also for this time my personal greetings to the audience As usual, go to visit www. or facebook page Solbian Energie alternative. Greetings again from Samuele .