Combating the Invisible Threat

While everyone is familiar with air pollution, a minority recognizes the major air pollutant behind the issue – – Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5), with diameter of only 2.5 microns, making it invisible to the naked eye. In the world of 7.4 billion, more than 7 million premature deaths are caused by PM2.5 every year. PM2.5 poses a great health risk as they are small enough to pass from our lungs into our bloodstreams. In addition, it causes the air to appear hazy and worsens global warming. So, what should we do? Besides reducing usage of cars and motorcycles, electricity, and waste, new policies that allow cooperation between or within nations should be proposed. For example, when a region has exceeded its emission of PM2.5, they can reach for help from other regions that haven't reached the limitation to cover the surpassed amount of PM2.5 in exchange of money.

This would also further encourage regions to limit PM2.5 not only to avoid from losing federal money but also earn money from other regions. If we succeed in combating the invisible threat around us, we would be a step closer from solving global warming..