7 CRAZY Recent Breakthroughs in SCIENCE in 2017

For all those celebrity deaths and insane political shenanigans, 2016 actually gave us some pretty weird scientific developments too. From batteries that run on pee through to the world’s first three parent baby, it was a pretty nutso year. But if January’s developments are anything to go by then 2017 is gonna be even weirder, because in the past month we’ve seen a human pig hybrid, a skin printing machine and the potential discovery of a material theorised over a hundred years ago. This is is our list of seven crazy recent scientific breakthroughs. Number 7: Skin on Demand Making your own human skin suit is tough work these days, what with all the DNA to clear up, the funny looks at the dry cleaners, not to mention the kerfuffle in constructing a watertight alibi to fool the Feds. But thanks to a group of Spanish scientists this problem no longer exists, as they’ve developed the world’s first 3D bioprinter capable of producing fully-functional human skin.

This printer was the result of collaboration between the University Carlos the Third de Madrid and the less flamboyantly named BioDan Group who specialise in regenerative medicines. Their material mimics the structure of skin using a layer of collagen-producing fibroblasts, and it’s so close to the real thing it can be used in a wide range of fields, such as testing cosmetics, creating android epidermis, covering human skin loss, and of course the creation of a snappy little waistcoat for daddy. Number 6: Pig Man In the real-life sequel to Babe nobody wanted or asked for, researchers at California’s Salk Institute announced in late January the successful creation of a human-pig hybrid in the laboratory. Now I’m not sure making a creature that’s addicted to eating strips of its own buttocks is something I’d refer to as a success, but that’s because Johnny Cynical over here doesn’t understand the ramifications of this amazing development. The point of creating a human-pig chimera wasn’t to exhibit it in some circus freak-show; it was to provide a potential new source of human organs for transplant. In this experiment, pig embryos were injected with human cells to see if they could survive, and now that we know they can, we think it may eventually be possible to grow human organs inside animals to make up the organ donor shortfall.

Wow, meat, milk, skin and now organs? Thanks animals, you do a lot for us. Those damn vegetables have got a lot of catching up to do, haven’t you Mr Aubergine. Number 5: A Fitting End To Fillings I hate going to the dentist, which is why I’ve pulled out all of my own teeth and now I pay strangers to chew my food for me. But if you still own all your original chompers then a trip to the mouth doctor may soon be a lot less painful, thanks to a strange discovery made just a few weeks back. Researchers at King’s College London found that a drug used to help treat Alzheimers has a nifty little side effect, namely, it can encourage your teeth to repair themselves. Your teeth already do this on their own using dentine, but they don’t produce enough to fill large holes or cracks. However, with a kick up the pants from a drug called Tideglusib an enzyme which prevents dentine formation is turned off, and damage can be repaired naturally within as little as six weeks. I mean, that sounds great and all, but it’s not as much fun as paying a guy down the bus station to spit up food in your mouth like a little baby bird. Number 4: A New Type of Life Ever wonder why the movie Gattaca was called Gattaca? It’s because the letters G, T, A and C are the initials of the four natural bases, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine and Adenine.

These pair up to form the base pairs of the DNA ladder, and different arrangements of these pairs create different lifeforms when arranged together. Everything from bacteria and baboons through to people and Penelope Cruz – who is not a person, she is a Goddess – everything is based on just four natural bases; until some crazy scientists decided to add two more. On 23rd January 2017, Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute announced the creation of an organism which held two artificial bases within its genetic code, making it the world’s first semi-synthetic organism. Such a development has many possible applications, including the creation of organisms tailored to fight certain diseases. But right now I’m more worried about the title of that movie. Gaxyttaxcy? Xygattyaxca? It’s like they didn’t even think about the ramifications of what they were doing to Ethan Hawke’s finest work? Number 3: An End to Old Age? In another piece of scientific razzle dazzle from the guys and girls at the Scripps Research Institute, we may have just made one of the key discoveries in the fight against cancer and aging.

In Mid-January a protein was identified which is responsible for determining the length of your telomeres, which is important, as this in turn dictates how quickly your cells age and whether they’re likely to mutate into cancer. Telomeres are like your cell’s little clocks, and this protein named TZAP could be seen as some form of battery, determining how long the clock runs for. If we can stretch your telomeres we may be able to delay the aging process, but if they’re unnaturally long they then begin to pose an increased cancer risk. It’s like riding a see saw with whirring blades above and a pit of sex-raptors beneath you – you wanna aim for somewhere in the middle. Thankfully, TZAP naturally prevents your telomeres growing too much by trimming them to keep them nice and short, and a further understanding of how they do this could help us get rid of tumours and wrinkles all at once.

Awesome, those are two of the top three things I hate the most…along with sex-raptors of course. Number 2: Hot Damn Did you know that the Red Hot Chili Peppers can reduce your chances of death? Unfortunately we’re talking about the food and not those delightful LA funk-monkeys, but that’s not gonna stop me using a bazillion song-title puns in this entry. So how does it work? Tell me baby. Well if you listen to me for One Hot Minute I will. Researchers at the Larner College of Medicine in Vermont used data taken from 16,000 Americans over 23 years, and they discovered that those who Dosed their food with spicy chilies enjoyed a 13% reduction in mortality rates from heart disease and stroke. Obviously you Can’t Stop death forever, because passing over to the Otherside is inevitable. But even if you survive a stroke you can be left in a seriously debilitating condition, as each one leaves Scar Tissue on your brain which can trigger seizures, leaving your life’s Fortune Faded. So the knowledge that we can reduce strokes and heart attacks is clearly no Minor Thing.

By The Way, this revelation is old news to some, as historically, many people Around The World already believed that spices contains mystical healing properties. But this is the first time it’s been confirmed scientifically. And do you know who’s excited about this the most? Me and my me and my me and my me and my me and my friends. We love spicy food. Number 1: Metallic hydrogen The existence of a metallic form of hydrogen was first theorised in 1935 by Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington, with the knowledge that if the lightest of all elements could be turned into a metal it would prove to be a revolutionary breakthrough for technology. Super-efficient vehicles, improved electricity grids, stupidly fast computers and even space-faring craft are just some of the possible applications for metallic hydrogen, so you can understand why the scientific community collectively soiled itself on January 27th 2017, when one group of Harvard scientists claim they’d managed to create some.

Their experiment used two diamonds to crush liquid hydrogen at a temperature far below freezing point, because the pressure needed to create this substance is greater than you’d find at the centre of the Earth. The metallic hydrogen is still stuck between the two diamonds at the time of writing, as it must be released gradually to see if it can exist in a stable form at room temperature, so it remains to be seen whether this potentially ground-breaking material actually can be used with purpose. And furthermore, some physicists doubt whether the results of this experiment even prove anything at all, saying that further evidence needs to be submitted to give this discovery credence. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough if those naughty boys are telling porky pies or not. So that’s our list, but if you’re after more science-based intrigue of a different flavour, why not check out our recent video on the seven most devastating things mankind could discover, because these are the kind of breakthroughs you better hope we never make in our lifetimes.


Why We Might All Soon Go EXTINCT!-Facts in 5

– Ooh, this one's a hot topic. That joke was a lot funnier when I wrote it down. So, global warming, or climate change as it's more commonly referred to these days, is a highly contended topic. People on both sides have very strong opinions about it, whether they believe in it or not. And because of all of the information coming from both sides, including some misinformation, it can be really hard to form an opinion. Well, in this Facts in Five, I'm going to explain to you everything that you need to know about global warming in five minutes or less so that you can form your own educated opinion. Some people support it with solid science while others say it's just a sham. Can't figure out what side you're on? Well, maybe this will help. This is Facts in Five all about global warming. So, what is global warming? Global warming refers to the gradual increase that many believe is occurring to the average temperature in our atmosphere and oceans.

That is, in addition to the overall alteration of the Earth's climate. Now, this change can be attributed to the increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, as well as other pollutants that are finding their way into our atmosphere. Many people feel that climate change is the single greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. This is mostly due to the different threats it creates, such as to our health, national security, and our communities. And, you'd even seen it in politics. Nations have begun taking this crisis very seriously and are now taking steps to combat it by reducing pollution and increasing awareness. Kinda like what I'm doing right now. Unless, of course, you don't believe in it, in which case, you're like, who's this Mister Clean-lookin' douche flappin' his gums.

So, who benefits or suffers from global warming? While it's easy to see the negative effects of climate change, believe it or not, there are plenty of individuals who are actually benefiting from it. Global warming is said to be the future cause of issues, such as spreading of disease, wars, and potentially the biggest economic disruption since World War II. But, believe it or not, this could actually create a profit for certain groups. Think about it. If there's less land to own, then the available land's worth greatly increases. The economy would be hugely altered, resources would become more expensive to acquire, and those with an abundance of those resources are really going to profit. So, when you're gathering information from certain sources on this topic, think what do they have to benefit from this. Where are the effects of global warming apparent? You can see the effects of global warming in virtually any country and climate that you can visit on this planet.

After all, it's said to be responsible for the storms and tsunamis that destroy cities and coastlines, the fires that ravage forests and plains, and the rising seas that are slowly placing more and more land underwater. Not to mention, droughts that continue to increase world hunger. But, it's important to realize, that it's not just the extreme events that reveal how much global warming is affecting us, it's both the cause of this searing heat in the summer and the unbearably cold weather temperatures in the winter. In fact, according to experts, the probability that all of these changes could simply happen by chance is virtually zero. When will global warming be addressed? Never! We're all doomed, doomed! (laughter) Nah, I'm just kidding. You're actually seeing it being addressed right now, especially in politics, but it goes much farther back than that. Temperature records, that have been started as far back as 1880, show that the twenty warmest years that the Earth has ever seen have occurred since 1981. And, more than that, with ten of them occurring in the last 12 years. In 2004, experts at the Pentagon, filed a report that said that climate change could potentially wipe out the Earth's population by 2024.

That's around the corner. Eleven years later, on August 3, 2015, US President Barack Obama revealed the Clean Power Plan. That for the first time in American history sets national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Why is this so important? Well, because US power plants produce the most carbon pollution by far and reducing it means the reduction, or at least slowing, of global warming, a k a you have a better chance of staying alive and not becoming a human boiled lobster. Why does global warming happen? Over the last century, fossil fuels, such as oil and coal have been burned all over the globe, increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. This, alongside other gases, including water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide, act as a thermal blanket for our planet. Then, the Sun rays pass through the atmosphere and warm the Earth, however, that heat is then radiated back into space, except that some of it gets absorbed by those gases and slowly increases the Earth's overall temperature.

In addition to fossil fuels, other potential causes of global warming are deforestation, vast uses of pesticides, increases in garbage produced within landfills, and of course, overpopulation, just to name a few. At the end of the day, this is a very real crisis that experts say should not be a debate anymore, but, all I can give you is some of the facts. I highly encourage you guys to do research on your own. Inform your own educated opinion. Which, believe me guys, is super important considering there are some politicians who are actually climate change deniers. Very scary. That being said, I wanted to remind you guys that you can now watch all of my videos on watchable.com or if you're on the go, which pretty much everybody is, nowadays, download the Watchable mobile app so you can watch everything as you go. And, as always, if you guys enjoy this video, please click that like button and be sure to subscribe to this channel so that you can catch my next video. I love you guys.

Thank you for watching it. Let's save the planet, 'cause I don't wanna die. All right guys, I'll see you next video. Peace..