UN chief urges leaders to address climate change and sustainable development in Davos

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was another distinguished guest attending the World Economic Forum in Davos to speak on some of the most pressing issues facing the global community. He said global efforts to tackle climate change issue should go hand-in-hand with pursuing sustainable development. Park Ji-won shares with us the UN chief's message. The UN chief urged world leaders to join global efforts to address the climate change issue,… by ratifying a historical agreement reached in Paris in December,… aimed at effectively limiting green house gas emissions. "Governments must quickly ratify the Paris Agreement, so that it can be effective." He also called for sufficient financing for developing countries to promote less dependency on fossil fuels,… and the rapid implementation of actions at every possible level. The use of market mechanisms to spur the growth of carbon pricing being one of the actions. "The Paris Agreement gives the private sector an unprecedented opportunity to create clean energy and climate resilient economies. Governments have agreed on transparent rules to monitor progress, enhance accountability and foster climate market ambition." Ban stressed that such global efforts to overcome climate change must coincide with efforts to achieve sustainable development goals,.

… or SDGs. SDGs make up a set of 17 ambitious goals such as ending poverty and zero hunger,… that were agreed upon by more than 190 countries in September last year. The UN Secretary General said,… the global community should now move towards development models that are both sustainable and protect against climate change. The UN chief reiterated the importance of sustainable development goals at another open forum session in Davos. Ban called for the need to end poverty and create sustainable food systems,… through a successful implementation of the 17 goals,… an initiative that aims to eliminate hunger within 15 years,…and leave no one behind. Park Ji-won, Arirang News..