Global Warming is Destroying People’s Homes

Global warming is already destroying the environment. Climate change has started its path of destruction and Kiribati is the warning light for the world. Signs of global warming can be observed on the Kiribati islands, which is an Island Republic, comprised of 33 coral atolls, stretching along the equator. Most of the islands rise only about 2 meters above sea level and most of them are, only about, 2 km wide. There, climate change already affects the local’s way of life. Cyclones are destroying local towns. The scary part is that the Kiribati Islands are located on the equator, where cyclones actually form. Then they travel either North or South.

Not this time though. This time it actually affected the Islands themselves, which has never happened before. Because of that, communities already had to be dislocated to a safer area. By 2100 it’s said that sea levels are going to rise by 1 meter. But what a lot of people don’t know, this doesn’t come gradually. Along with the rising waters, Hurricanes come, along with huge waves. In this scenario The Kiribati are doomed, since waves will just cover the whole islands in water. They do not have higher ground, and the can’t get away from the shoreline far enough, since the further you get from one shoreline the closer you get to the one on the other side of island. They are already building walls around Islands to protect themselves. Kiribati’s president Anote Tong says: “We are fighting a war we have no hope of winning”. But still they do not lose their hope. Already ideas are being brought up to address this horrible issue.

Idea number 1: Build floating Islands. This may sound funny, but it isn’t, when you understand that these people are seriously considering this option, in order to survive. Japan is already building those after all. Idea number 2: Planned migration. The Kiribati people don’t want to end up migrating when the natural disaster strikes them, but rather have the option to migrate early on, so to avoid the catastrophe that is coming. But under these circumstances they will lose their identity as a culture. Idea number 3: Cut emissions to prevent the rising of sea levels. Recently, when Pacific countries leaders met, they had an argument. The president of the Kiribati asked New Zealand and Australia to further cut emissions, but they refused. Kiribati can’t solve this problem on their own. Only a global initiative will bring results. If not, the Kiribati will not survive. To fight sacrifices are required.

As president Anote Tong said: “Something has to be done about Climate Change for the children”. It’s not about national interest, everyone affects the world. It’s a global phenomenon and has to be dealt with collectively. Our planet is at stake. From the 30th of November to the 11th of December a United Nations conference on climate change will be held in Paris, addressing all of the major issues of global warming. Your voice matter too, let’s tell the leaders of the world, that we want this issue to be solve