Hackers Back Up US Climate Data So Trump Can’t Delete It

On Friday, January 20th, as Donald Trump was taking the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States a group of 60 scientists, computer programmers and hackers met at UCLA to completely comb through government archives, the whitehouse.gov website and copy and collect and back up any data that the government has on climate change. They then took all this data and stored it on servers housed in Europe so that the Trump Administration could not touch it. The reason they did this is because they were terrified that the Trump Administration was going to go through and delete all of this data once the swearing in ceremony was finished. To be honest this was something that the scientists and federal employees had worried about a few weeks ago, so they began doing the same thing long before the inauguration even took place. What they're planning to do now is keep this data, go through it, analyze it and then compare it to what is still available on the government websites.

Essentially if the Trump Administration attempts to falsify any data, any reports or scrub anything, these scientists, these hackers, these computer programmers are going to call them out on it. That is probably one of the most positive things I've seen in quite a while. Here's the other side of this, they were right because immediately following the swearing in ceremony the term climate change disappeared from the whitehouse.gov website. I know Trump supporters are out there saying, "No it didn't, it's still there." Well, no there were plenty of search engines, images out there, articles written. The term did completely disappear at least for a little bit. Maybe they've put it back up on a couple pages now. Trump people attempted to write this off by saying, "Of course he believes in climate change.

He's said it over and over again for months." Kellyanne Conway said that. No, Kellyanne, he never said that. He hasn't been saying it for months. Really the last thing we heard from him on climate change is that he believes it's a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Don't try to tell us with your alternative facts that he has always been a believer in climate change. She verified this by saying because the climate always changes. What idiot Conway is confusing at the moment is climate and weather. The weather changes from day to day. Republicans aren't smart enough to understand that the weather is not climate. They think that if it's snowing one day climate change, global warming, can't be real. Oh God no. Look at the climate outside. They're just not smart enough to understand the difference between weather and climate. That's why the scientists and programmers and hackers had to get together and copy this data and back it up and store it so that we do not lose it for the next four years.

This is decades worth of research and scientific analysis that the Trump Administration is attempting to get rid of. Luckily we do have people out there that took action, they got the data. Hopefully they will call Donald Trump out every single time his administration attempts to falsify, remove or otherwise bastardize decades worth of research on climate change..

Trump Fails To Mention Climate Change During Earth Day Address

This past Saturday was Earth Day, and during his Earth Day address President Donald Trump failed to mention the terms climate change or global warming, even one time. During his entire address there was not a single mention of climate change or any climate change related events. Basically, Donald Trump went out there on the day that we're supposed to acknowledge that we as human beings are destroying this planet, he went out there and said basically nothing. He didn't talk about the fact that we've got to cut carbon emissions. He didn't talk about the fact that we have to protect coastal low lying communities from the increase in water level. He didn't say anything about actually protecting, preserving, and making the planet better. Instead, he gave us typical republican talking points. Smart regulations, you know, ones that don't hurt businesses. Well, I have news for you Mr. Trump, and every republican ever.

Regulations don't kill jobs. In fact, according to every study on the issue, regulations actually provide a net benefit to economies as opposed to letting those regulations go away. Meaning that regulations create more jobs, create more economic activity than undoing those regulations would do. Furthermore, repealing regulations, which is what this Trump White House is all about, that's why they're cutting the EPA by 31% and laying off over 3,000 workers, we're losing economic activity. We're losing human health because we're letting corporations get away with destroying the environment. An American Lung Association report last year showed that air quality in 2016 actually improved. Now, there's still 166 million American citizens living in areas where the level of air pollution is considered dangerous, but overall things are getting better.

Donald Trump is going to undo all of that. That's not speculation, that's not hyperbole, that is what he said he's going to do. Why? To benefit corporations in the fossil fuel industry. Unless you are a CEO of a fossil fuel company, repealing environmental regulations has no benefit to your life. Basically what, there's maybe 30, 40 people in this country who would benefit from that? That's it. Is that worth laying off 3,000 people from that their government jobs? Is that worth risking the lives of 4,000 people every year by doing away with Obama's Clean Power Rule? We're putting the profits of corporate fossil fuel CEOs over the lives of American citizens. You know, since the Clean Air Act was passed in the 1970s an estimated 160,000 lives have been saved per year from reduced airborne particulate in this country.

160,000 lives every year. We're still losing on average 200,000 lives every year in the United States, premature deaths due to air pollution alone. We could keep reducing that number. We could literally save lives, thousands of lives, possibly hundreds of thousands of lives every year if we would just say, "Hey corporation, fossil fuel, coal power plant, you can't spew that crap into the air anymore." That's all it takes. That is all it would take to save American lives, reduce the number of people who have asthma attacks every year, reduce the number of sick days that employees take so productivity actually increases, but we're not willing to do that because of 30, 40 fossil fuel CEOs that we want to take care of. That's what's more important in this country today. Your life is worth less than the few extra dollars that a corporate CEO gets to put in his pocket. I want you to realize that, and I want you to think about that next time you head into your precinct and cast your vote. Which candidate is supporting the money of the fossil fuel companies, and which candidate thinks that your life is more important than a $10 or $20 bill going to a corporate CEO?.

Climate Change Denial Could Be Coming To Your Child’s Classroom

Right now Republicans in four different states are trying to pass legislation that will either prevent science teachers and teachers in general from explaining students the science behind climate change, or in other instances, they're trying to pass legislation that will give teachers the complete ability to decide whatever they want to teach students whether it's Creationism, Flat Earthism, and even in some cases, the laws are written so poorly that it would allow for teachers to teach their students white supremacism. Here's the thing. The science behind climate change is not debatable. 97% of all scientific research done on this issue, that's the 97% number that you've heard about, shows that there is a direct link between the actions of human beings and climate change. That climate change, yes, it is happening. Teachers are the ones instructed, tasked with, who have willingly taken on the opportunity to teach the new generation of American citizens. There the ones who we depend upon to turn children into knowledgeable human beings that go off into the world, become doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, drivers, whatever it is. We need them to know as much as possible.

For a party that says that they hate big government, they don't want the government interfering with anything, it seems to me like these laws that republicans are trying to pass in these different states are the example, the prime example, of government overreach. Do we need the federal government stepping into schools and telling teachers what they can or can not say in regards to science? I understand that public schools are funded by the federal government but beyond that, the government should not have any say in what teachers tell those kids as long as it is scientifically accurate and able to be proven by science. No, that means that Creationism goes out the door. We need to teach these kids everything they need to know to be fully functional human beings. We can't fill their head with fantasies from the fossil fuel industry or from the religious rite. We need to tell them what's actually happening.

If they choose to not believe it later on, that's their decision but at least put the knowledge out there so that they have it. Now, we have already seen over the past few years the fossil fuel industry stepping in, creating coloring books for children about the wonderful benefits of coal and all kinds of things like that. They're actively trying to influence what is being taught to our children. These private organizations that are helping to warm the planet. Now republicans are just playing right into their hands. We're stripping knowledge away from our kids, away from the generation of American citizens all to the benefit of the fossil fuel industry. Why are we doing this? Why are we bastardizing the education of our children just to benefit a few corporate CEOs? The Coke Brothers. Is that what you want for your children? Do you want your children to be dumber because we want the the Coke Brothers to make another billion dollars this year? Is that a good trade off? Your kids grow up, can't find a decent career because they didn't get a proper education but hey, the Coke Brothers, they made a few extra dollars this year.

According to the republican party, that is more important. It is more important that we coddle the dying fossil fuel industry than it is to take care of the next generation of Americans..

Climate Change Is Threatening U.S. National Security, But Corporate Media Still Ignores It

When was the last time you heard a story on the corporate media about climate change or global warming? If you can’t remember, that’s natural because the corporate controlled media does not talk about climate change. Now at last weeks Republican convention, the issue of global warming was not brought up one single time. Democratic convention, it’s been brought up briefly, very briefly, and again, the corporate media has absolutely nothing to say about the issue. You know who does have a lot to say about climate change? Global security experts and climate scientists. According to the latest report from Germany’s Potsdam Institute, climate change, global warming, is directly fueling conflicts around the globe and therefore threatening national security for countries all over the planet. Now how this works is that the Potsdam Institute says that when you have a simple crisis, a water shortage, a massive heatwave, those drive immigration and when it happens in areas like the Middle East that are very ethnically, the lines are drawn very ethnically and you have one group moving into another’s territory, that creates conflict. In fact, they’re saying that the 2006 to 2010 very severe drought in Syria is what helped to drive the massive Syrian refugee crisis that we’re currently seeing today.

Climate change is a national security threat, and not just to the United States, to the entire planet. When we look at the Brexit vote that just happened in Britain, it was built on their fear of immigration, of refugees coming into their country. Donald Trump, his candidacy is based on fear of immigrants and refugees. We hear Republicans talking all the time about not wanting Syrian refugees to come into their country. When we have climate refugees trying to find a new place, and they’re not welcome, they’re met with hostility and anger and violence, that creates conflict. That is the link between armed conflict and climate change that too few people in this country, and to be honest, all over the world don’t quite understand. The issue of climate change and global warming affects almost every single issue out there. It is tied directly to everything.

When you look at minorities, the mass majority of pollution in the United States happens in areas with lower white populations. The affluent, the wealth gap, the top 1%, they don’t live in areas where corporations dump their toxic waste. The bottom 99% do. Then that affects development in children, so test scores fall, so school funding falls. It affects their impulse control so we end up with more people in prison. Climate change, pollution, global warming, it is related to everything. We hear nothing about it. That’s the problem. The problem isn’t that we know that it’s connected to everything. The problem is that nobody’s doing a damn thing about it. Senator Bernie Sanders mentioned in the first Democratic debate that climate change was the greatest threat to national security in the United States. He was the only person to give that answer. He was the only person on that stage who was correct with his answer and experts from the United States and Europe agree 100% with him. If we don’t do something now, now, immediately, not when the next president takes office, we got to start now, it’s going to be too late.

This is a crisis. These are alarm bells that you hear ringing in the distance because not only is the environment at stake, but according to everyone, our security is at stake..

Wisconsin Republicans Delete Phrase “Climate Change” From State Website

If you happen to end up online today on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' website, there's something that you won't see today that you likely would have seen a few days ago, and that is any mention of the phrase climate change or even the word climate. That's right, the republican-controlled state of Wisconsin has scrubbed all mentions of climate change from the state's Department of Natural Resources' website. Obviously, the state of Wisconsin right now is run by republican Scott Walker, who is one of the Coke Brothers' favorite puppets throughout this country. He has delivered absolutely everything the Coke Brothers have ever wanted him to do, and this removal of the phrase climate change is another step in that direction. It is a massive gift to both the Coke Brothers and anyone within the fossil fuel industry hoping to do business in the state of Wisconsin. This is kind of similar to what happened recently in the state of Florida when our Coke Brother-controlled Governor Rick Scott decided to prevent any federal employees from mentioning climate change in any form of assessment that they submit to the state.

Florida banned the term climate change and now the state of Wisconsin is trying to scrub it from all of their state-controlled websites. Here's a little something for Scott Walker and the republican party to understand. Just because you delete a few words off a website does not mean that the problem goes away. That's not how that works at all. Not even close, not even a little bit. You see, this year, we only have a few hours left really, is going to go down as the hottest in recorded history. The warmest in recorded history capping off 13 or 14 years of being the warmest in history. See, we're breaking those records every year. I guarantee you 2017 is going to warmer than 2016. That's what analysts are already predicting. The state of Wisconsin, state of Florida, and I guarantee you this is going to start popping up everywhere else in between, they don't want anybody to know about climate change. They still think that just by not saying it they can prevent people from wanting to take action on it. Which, by the way, probably one of the dumbest things you could ever imagine. That's like saying kids are going to stop playing video games if we delete any mention of video games from the websites.

Look, Wisconsin, again, controlled by the Coke Brothers. I know Scott Walker's the guy in there signing bills, but he's doing the bidding of the Coke Brothers. He's doing the bidding of the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. Same thing with Rick Scott down in Florida. Any other republican-controlled state where those two outside influences, the Coke Brothers and ALEC have enough control, they're going to start doing this elsewhere, because they understand that the growing threat of climate change is very real and that the united States is going to have to act quickly and at this point, dramatically in order to help reduce the effects of climate change. This is their last ditch effort.

This is the last move that they have to prevent any kind of action against their industries to prevent climate change, because that's what they know is going to happen. They're just trying to put it off another year or two, or however many they can so they can suck a little bit more oil out of our ground, a little bit more natural gas before the government decides to finally crack down and get serious about addressing the growing threat of climate change. Again, be prepared for what's happening in Wisconsin to start happening elsewhere. Again, Wisconsin's not the first place. Our great state of Florida here started it. Wisconsin's carrying it forward. I would imagine we're going to see this maybe pop up again in Texas, perhaps Montana, Kentucky, West Virginia. It's the blueprint they always use. If something works in one state you start to bring it to the others. The Coke Brothers know it, ALEC knows it, the entire republican party knows it. They can't continue to ignore the threat of climate change for much longer, because especially down here in the state of Florida, in Miami where the waves are literally coming up over the streets right now, climate change is slapping people in the face.

It's only a matter of time before the government decides to finally crack down on the Coke Brothers in order to save what's left of this country..

Trump Picks Climate Change Denier To Lead EPA

Donald Trump has picked Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of the state of Oklahoma, to head the EPA in the new Trump administration. Just like every other appointment Donald Trump has made, he’s picked someone who is grossly unqualified and downright dangerous for a cabinet position. Pruitt, in case anybody wasn’t aware at this point, is a firm climate change denier. He believes that the science behind the issue is certainly not settled and that there’s really no proof that climate change is even a thing.

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