[Music] >> Will: Today the White House our humble overlords has released its National Climate Assessment. Their discoveries are on some M. Knight Shaymalan level of human scary. >> Lee: The Assement states “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” and the evidence of man-made climate change “continues to strengthen.” >> Will: This is polite scientist talk for “We have way to much effing information for you to keep ignoring this you high-strung over sensitive uncommunicative supercilious ignorant country bumpkins.” >> Lee: The results of the report are a little terrifying. >> Will: Look, I’m a politician business man sometimes. I’m going to show you how we like to think of it. >> Lee: Some of the interesting high lights of the report are: sea levels have risen by eight inches since 1880 and are expected to rise between one and four feet by the year 2100. >> Will: Oh no! That’s just because there’s more fish in the sea. It has nothing to do with the fact that as water gets warmer it expands.

It’s definitely more fishies in the big water thing. >> Lee: The ocean? >> Will: Whatever you want to call it. >> Lee: Or how 43 of the lower 48 states have set at least one monthly heat record since January 2010. >> Will: Oh no! January 2010? Notice that’s approximately a year after Obama took office. Clearly its because he put some type of voodoo hex on America. >> Lee: Well, Winter storms have increased in intensity and frequency since the 1950s >> Will: Oh no, you idiot. Global warming can’t be real! More intense storms means it’s getting colder! I’m a genius. Buy my book. >> Lee: I don’t think you understand science. >> Will: I understand lobbyists and fortune 500 companies.

>> Lee: Also, flooding from Climate Chance could cost as much as 325 billion dollars by 2100 including more than 130 billion in Florida alone. >> Will: Oh no! Florida?! That’s where I get my cocaine from! We need to pay attention to climate stains right now! >> Lee: America. >> Will: I am no longer a Business Man Politican, in Lou of this “new” information I’d just like to say: Oh my Gandhi! We all gon’ die! And when I say “we” I really mean our children’s children. Climate Change is like the Leonardo Dicaprio of science. We know you deserve recognition but somebody out there, some sick twisted individual, lets call him “fate” doesn’t want you to be recognized because they’re scared and weak and clearly unintelligible. >> Lee: What do you think of climate change being considered here now? >> Will: What do you do at home to help the environment? [Music].

Calling Kansas City

(music playing) Mr. Earnest: So the President's going to go to Kansas City to do something he's been doing in communities all across the country. The President loves getting 10 letters a night that he reads every night where he can hear from every day Americans about how they're affected by the policies that he's fighting to implement here in Washington, D.C. So the President's been traveling across the country meeting with these individual people who have written him letters. He's going to do the same thing in Kansas City. As somebody who was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, it is a thrill to pick up the phone and invite people who have written a letter to the President of the United States and let them know that when the President's coming to Kansas City, they get to have dinner with him. (phone ringing) Female Speaker: Hello? Mr.

Earnest: Hello, is this Becky? Female Speaker: Yes, it is. Mr. Earnest: Hey, Becky. This is Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Female Speaker: Hi, Josh Earnest. Mr. Earnest: How are you? Hey, Mark. It's Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Hey, Victor. It's Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Hi, Valerie. This is Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Well, so you know that I'm the Press Secretary at the White House. Female Speaker: Yes, I do. Mr. Earnest: And I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Female Speaker: That's what I hear. Mr. Earnest: Yeah. So I am really excited that the President of the United States is coming to my home town. I'm calling to see if you have time on Tuesday night to meet the President for dinner and talk about your letter. Male Speaker: Oh, wow.

Okay. Mr. Earnest: After reading your letter, the President said "You know what? I want to meet this woman. I want to go have dinner with her when I get into Kansas City on Tuesday." So — Female Speaker: Are you serious? Mr. Earnest: Yeah. How — Female Speaker: Oh, my God. Mr. Earnest: How would you feel about that? Female Speaker: Oh, my God. I would love it. Are you — oh. Mr. Earnest: We've been reading your letter at the White House. Female Speaker: Why? Mr. Earnest: And — well, it's such a good letter. In fact, I'm not the only person who thought your letter was really good. Barack Obama, the President of the United States, thought your letter was really good and he wants to meet you. So would you be willing to have dinner with the President on Tuesday night? Female Speaker: Oh, yes. Yes. Mr. Earnest: Does that sound like fun? Female Speaker: That sounds like a blast. Mr.

Earnest: (laughs) No place is more like Kansas City in embodying the kind of spirit in which people recognize that we're all in this together. That if our community can be pulling in the same direction, that despite our differences, we can all succeed. It sounds like you're doing amazing things in the community and we are so impressed by what you've done and, like I said, it's not just me who feels that way. The President wants to meet you firsthand and to express his gratitude firsthand, too. Male Speaker: This is one of those times that, you know, for a guy like me — thank yous don't come around very much. (laughter) Mr. Earnest: You have earned this kind of recognition because of what you're doing in your community. So we're really proud of you and you certainly make me proud to be a Kansas City native and I'll tell you that.

Female Speaker: I am just amazed that little bitty old me is going to get this chance. Male Speaker: I've see so many people that were affected by not having healthcare coverage and having to make a choice between eating or, you know, that lifesaving treatment. And at that point, I was like "Man, I gotta — I gotta say something." Female Speaker: I wrote it in the middle of the night. Mr. Earnest: Yeah? Female Speaker: I just — I've — I'm really trying. I mean, I could talk for an hour about all the stuff that I'm trying to do because I can't work any harder. I have to work smarter. Jsoh Earnest: Well, look. I think the experience that you've had is not different than a lot of other people. They just want to be heard. Female Speaker: Yeah. Mr. Earnest: And they just want to know that somebody out there is trying to look out for them and somebody out there is fighting for them. And when the President goes to bed at night, or I guess more appropriately, the President wakes up in the morning and he walks over into the Oval Office, it's people like you who've written letters just like this.

Those are the people that the President has in mind. Those are the people that the President's fighting for. Female Speaker: I am so happy. I am so blessed. Mr. Earnest: Oh, well that's — I know the President is really excited to meet you. So I — he can't wait for Tuesday night. Female Speaker: You bet. And thank you so much. Mr. Earnest: Okay. All right. Thanks, Becky. Have a good day. Female Speaker: You, too. Bye-bye. Mr. Earnest: Okay. Talk to you later..

Climate Change Wiped from White House Records

>> Kait: So Trump has held true to his word of denying climate change with his first stop being the White House Website. >> Chris: Which should not be a surprise what so ever. >> Kait: Not at all. So according to PRI, shortly after Trump was inaugurated all mentions of the phrase climate change have been wiped out. So, I actually tested this. I went to the White House website a couple of days ago and I typed in climate change and only two links came up for me. None of which were related to the environment. One was, like, the change of something, but I don't know what we are changing, and the other the climate of a state. Like oh it's a beautiful climate in the state. >> Chris: It's a good thing you don't work for the state of Florida. And we're, ah, right now in Washington because otherwise. >> Kait: Because you could be arrested. >> Chris: Ya, you could be arrested for mentioning climate change.

Maybe Trump will make the whole nation that way. You know. >> Kait: Oh great. Don't give him any ideas. He could be watching this. So, instead of climate change being on there Trump has put his own future plans on the website. Those include… In the proposal, Trump commits to elimination the Climate Action Plan, a sweeping set of policies aimed at cutting carbon pollution, including a number of President Barack Obama's executive actions. Trump also promises to eliminate the Waters of the United States rule, a technical document that defines which waterways come under the jurisdiction of federal regulations under the Clean Water Act. The 2015 rule is intended to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands from development and has drawn sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers and from the farm and manufacturing interests. So, these are not the only ones that he put on the website. Those are just a few that we wanted to mention.

But, ultimately this really comes at no surprise. I mean he mentioned it in his campaign. But, he also nominated Scott Pruitt to be his head of EPA. And, we all know how much Scott Pruitt just loves the EPA. He loves them so much that he sued them 13 times. And when he was, you know, I think it was Oklahoma. >> Chris: Ya >> Kait: He actually removed the EPA from his own state. >> Chris: Well, it's funny because during his own nomination process that was a hot topic was the EPA. >> Kait: Yes. So, [laugh] this is really bad news. I mean ultimately Trump is, you know, is trying to make moves to shut down the EPA but the Washington Times spoke out about their joys of the fact that the EPA's trying, going to be shut down by saying….What great news for an agency with a history of executive overreach and lawlessness (using the Clean Power Plan to wipe out the coal industry, expanding its authority to lay claim on any pond or waterway, colluding with the environmental groups to expand their own power through rule-making).

So, some people are celebrating. >> Chris: Ya. Ya, definitely some people are celebrating. >> Kait: I'm not celebrating. >> Chris: It's not like the EPA does ton of stuff for us. >>Kait: Ya. >> Chris: They just sit around sucking us dry. >> Kait: I know. >> Chris: They're like the lazy people… >> Kait: With their 8 billion, you know. >> Chris: Ya >> Kait: Drain on our money, you know…. Blah blah blah. I mean it doesn't make sure we have clean water or that the entire United States doesn't turn into LA with all the smog and air pollution. >> Chris: Exactly. It's not like they have regulation that specifically states that we have to have clean air, clean water, clean lands. That we have to restore the lands that we have used for mining or for fracking. >> Kait: Or monitor and create Superfund sites so that more people don't get sick. >> Chris: Nah, they don't do any of that. Nothing.

>> Kait: Oh no. And they don't even hold the rules for the emissions of the cars so that we have more electric vehicles or anything like that. They don't do any good. Their just a drain. >> Chris: Completely. Completely a drain. >> Kait: So, I don't know what's going to happen if Trump follows through with this but ah, ya. >> Chris: Well, climate change is ah Chinese hoax. >> Kait: Oh I know right. >> Chris: At least that is what Trump tells me. Is that, and I believe everything that he tells me. Everything. He has pretty big hands. >> Kait: [laughing] So, ya, let's just keep an eye on this. I mean nothing has fallen through altogether. A lot of it, there is going to take a while to cut it all back. I mean at first he was just talking about cutting it back a little bit, maybe even just 10%.

I'm not really sure. I mean Scott Pruitt might be in his ear talking a lot. But ah, just keep an eye out. Heard though. and I don't know how accurate this is. If we have information we will put it on our website. But, there might actually be an Earth, a rally Earth march on Earth day. To help to protect the environment. So, keep a look out about that event. Try and see if there is anything in your area. But, um, that is definitely I think something we should do if this is happening. >> Chris: Definitely, definitely think so. >> Kait: And if you like this content and want to hear more please subscribe to us..

West Wing Week: 07/31/15 or, “Jambo Kenya”

Mr. Earnest: Welcome to West Wing Week Dispatches, your guide to the president's historic trip to East Africa. This week, the president became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Kenya, the first sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia, the first sitting president to address the African Union, and the first sitting U.S. President to visit with a 3.2 million year old Australopithecus. Along the way, the president met with the young people shaping Africa's bright future, and sat down with the men and women leading these nations today. That's July 24th to July 29th or Jambo Kenya. On Friday, the president landed in Nairobi, Kenya, greeted by his half-sister Auma Obama and President Kenyatta. POTUS first signed in, then dined in with members of his extended family. On Saturday, the president attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to speak with budding business leaders from across the world and to see innovations brought about through the Power Africa initiative.

The president then stopped by the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi to thank the staff and meet their families. The president then traveled across the city to visit a site where the embassy used to be and where, in 1998, 213 people were killed when terrorists detonated a massive car bomb. President Obama met survivors and family members of the fallen at the memorial site. Then, it was on to several meetings with President Kenyatta and his delegation capped off with both presidents addressing the gathered media in an outdoor news conference. That evening, the president attended a memorable state dinner. Crowds lined the streets Sunday morning to greet President Obama as he arrived in the outskirts of Nairobi to speak to a packed arena of predominately young Africans on their country and their future. The President: We have not inherited this land from our forbearers. We have borrowed it from our children.

So, now's the time for us to do the hard work of living up to that inheritance, of building a Kenya where the inherent dignity of every person is respected and protected. And there's no limit to what a child can achieve. I am here to tell you that the United States of America will be a partner for you every step of the way. God bless you. Thank you. Asante sana. Audience: Obama! Obama! Obama! Mr. Earnest: Later, the president met with a much smaller group of young leaders where they discussed their efforts to confront pressing issues in their country including civil rights and wildlife protection. The president then sat down for a radio interview with Kenya's own Capital FM before bidding a fond farewell to Kenya and the people who so warmly and enthusiastically welcomed him back to his father's homeland. Then, Air Force One went wheels up from Kenya and landed in Ethiopia for the very first time. There, the president visited with our embassy staff in Addis Ababa. On Monday, there was a ceremonial welcome and a series of bilateral discussions at the National Palace.

Later, the president and prime minister held a news conference, then attended a state dinner. En route to his seat, the president was introduced to a very special guest named Lucy. The discovery of this 3.2 million-year-old skeleton in Ethiopia more than 40 years ago represented a breakthrough in the study of human evolution. On Tuesday, hats and hairnets were required as the president toured Faffa Food, an example of the role that his Feed the Future initiative plays in leveraging private sector partnerships to improve food security and counter malnutrition in Ethiopia and all across Africa. Later, the president delivered remarks at the African Union, the first U.S. president to do so. The President: I believe Africa's rise is not just important for Africa.

It's important to the entire world. We will not be able to meet the challenges of our time from ensuring a strong global economy to facing non-violent extremism to combating climate change to ending hungry and extreme poverty without the voices and contributions of 1 billion Africans. (applause) Mr. Earnest: It was then on to the airport and the end of this historic journey. The President: All right, everybody. We're going to go home. Mr. Earnest: So, thank for tuning in. And for complete videos of all of these events, check out whitehouse.gov. Thanks again for checking out this edition of your West Wing Week. The President: What do you think? Maybe blue (laughs)? You got to — you got to work with them a little (laughs).

You got to look sharp in these things. Female Speaker: All right. The President: All right, how are you, sir? Sir, you didn't get the memo about the baseball cap (laughs)? Female Speaker: Nobody told us. (laughter) The President: (inaudible) Female Speaker: (affirmative) for sure..

The Daily Show – Welcome to President Trump’s Reality

It's been almost a week, a whole week since Donald Trump became president. -But… but it feels… -(audience booing) Yeah. It feels like a lot longer, right? (audience voicing assent) Like in Trump's presidency, one day is like a year. I mean, this was me last Friday. -Look how innocent I was. -(laughter) Look at me. Look how I've aged! It's hard to believe that in less than seven days, we've had an inauguration packed with empty space… (laughter) …worldwide protests that made it acceptable to say "pussy" in any context… (cheers and applause) …confirmations, executive orders, Sean Spicer lying about how he'd never lie, and to top it all off, Kellyanne Conway came in to say that the week didn't happen because there are no such things as weeks, only alternative days.

(laughter) Now, outside of a couple formal speeches, you realize we haven't had a chance to see President Trump himself on the job. But yesterday, he gave the first television interview from his new home office at The White House, or as he calls it, the Mar-a-Lago of the north. -(laughter) -But think about it. We've only ever known Trump the candidate, but yesterday, we got introduced to Trump, the president, who we learned is a man who, from the get-go, is determined to create his own reality, starting with how he gets the news. You took some heat after your visit to the CIA, in front of that hallowed wall, 117 stars of those lost at the CIA. That speech was a homerun. That speech– if you look at Fox, okay… I'll mention, and your net…

Read… See what Fox said. They said it was one of the great speeches. There was love in the room. You and other networks covered it very inaccurately. I hate to say this to you, and you probably won't put it on, but turn on Fox and see how it was covered. -I love how he says "Fox." -(laughter) But you see that there? Yeah. If the news is critical of Donald Trump, it's fake news. -Only praise is real news. -(audience voicing assent) Which is insane, and it's also crazy -that all he does is watch Fox. -(laughter) He doesn't want to read, he doesn't want to have briefings. Trump watches Fox to get his news! You realize the reason that we need the news is because we don't have what the president has, -which is all the information! -(laughter) And then Trump is turning on the news going, -"I wonder what I do today." -(laughter) "I wonder what happens." -You are the news! -(laughter) Can you imagine how this must feel for the FBI, where they come in, and then he's like, "Guys, did you know about the shootings in Chicago?" And they're like, "Yeah, we wrote about it in the report every day!" Now you realize what the CIA and FBI have to do.

You know what they should do? They should start making little videos for Trump to watch. They should make news especially for him, 'cause he's like little child. They're gonna have to come up and make, like, a little production for him. Just like… (imitates trumpet playing fanfare) It's CIA News! Today, Donald Trump, the great Donald Trump needs to know how to fight ISIS! And Trump will be like, "Yay! That's me!" -(laughter) -"I'm on the news! ISIS Bad!" -(applause and cheering) "Donald Trump good! Yay!" (applause and cheering continue) It's his own reality! He only accepts that news. So we learned that President Trump only acknowledges the media that praises him, and also, acknowledges only the citizens who voted for him. Many of these people were the forgotten men and women, many of them, and they loved what I had to say. Part of my whole victory was that the men and women of this country who have been forgotten will never be forgotten again.

The forgotten men and women. They're not forgotten anymore because they came out and voted. (as Trump): I keep a little note on my fridge. It says, "Don't forget to never forget "the forgotten men and women we forgot. That way I never forget what I just forgot about." (laughter) -(applause and cheering) -What does that mean? Here's another way President Trump only works within his own reality. It has to do with his executive order to block immigration from a number of Muslim countries. It's countries that have tremendous terror, uh, and it's countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems. Let me ask you about some of the countries that won't be on the list. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia… I don't want terror in this country.

You look at what happened in San Bernardino, you look at what happened all over. You look at what happened in the World Trade Center. Okay? I mean, take that as an example. Oh, okay, okay. Let's take that as an example. These are the countries Trump will ban people from. In the San Bernardino shooting, one of the terrorists was a U.S.-born citizen. The other person was from Pakistan, a country not on Trump's list. Or let's look at 9/11. All the hijackers came from these four countries. None of them on Trump's list. What he's doing doesn't solve his problem. It's like if you got pregnant, and then afterwards you said, "This is never happening again! "From now on, I'm only wearing condoms on all my hands! -"Yeah! Yeah! -(applause) Problem solved!" Here's the most disconcerting part of the interview for me. It's not just how Donald Trump perceives reality, it's the fact that as president he's now powerful enough to shape it.

Three to five million illegal votes. That would be the biggest electoral fraud in American history. Where is the evidence of that? You look at the dead people that are registered to vote who vote, you look at people that are registered in two states. When you say, in your opinion, millions of illegal votes, that is something that is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy– -Sure. Sure. Sure. -a fair and free election. You say you're gonna launch -an investigation into this. -Sure. Done. (laughter) (whispers): I see dead people. (laughter) (applause, cheering) Who is this? You do understand… because Donald Trump truly believes that he should have won the popular vote, the federal government will now spend a ton of money and time investigating nonexistent voter fraud, which is not going to find you the two-state registered Mexican ghosts who are voting. But instead, all that's gonna happen is it's gonna end up as an excuse to restrict more American citizens from voting.

That's all that's gonna happen. That's all that's… And by the way, dead people using their power to vote? That's the weirdest Walking Dead episode ever. -That is just strange. -(applause, whooping) It's another reality. So… so here we are, one week into Trump's presidency, and the realization is beginning to dawn. The difference between candidate Trump and President Trump is that now we have to live in his crazy reality. And that fact hit me when Trump said this. David, David… I mean, I know you're a sophisticated guy. The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. Well, you think this is gonna cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place. Jesus, dude. If he's gonna talk like that, I feel like he needs a different style of makeup.

David, David… I mean, I know you're a sophisticated guy. -(audience cheering) -The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. Well, you think this is gonna cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place. (laughter) We're all his hostage..